Jun 22, 2012


What do you get when you combine fashion, art, dancing, music and a fun light installation? An awesome evening! That’s exactly what we experienced this week at the Avalon in Hollywood at an event hosted by Project Ethos, an organization that showcases emerging fashion, music and art through live events.

The red-carpet event consisted of a 10 Corso Colombo Runway Show, a dance performance by LA Dollhouse, a live painting presentation by Lab Art and DJ Caroline D’Amore mixed tracks to a cool light show.

Amongst the celebrities that came out to see the show were actors Grant Harvey and Colin Owens (The Secret Life of an American Teenager); actor, Adam Lopez ( 5th Street, Subprime); actress, Marisa Lauren (Infamy, 90210); actress/model, Bridgetta Tomarchio (Californication); comedian, Mark Gordon; actress, Dianna Renee (The Agency) and actor, Keahu Kahuanui (Teen Wolf).

To our surprise, there were a lot of men that came specifically for the fashion show. Martin William Harris, who was recently seen in the movie, Battlefield, told us, “I love fashion! I want to see some nice people, wearing great stuff!” Twilight star, Bronson Pelletier, looked very fashionable and cool wearing a unique necklace that he got from Denmark. “The last 3 or 4 years, I’ve really been getting into fashion more, probably ever since I met my girl,” said Bronson. “She used to dress me a couple of years ago but now I can kind of throw myself together. I’m getting a lot better at it.” Both men looked great in their fashion choices!

Of course the highlight of the evening was the 10 Corso Colombo Runway Show by fashion designer, Courtney Capretto. The fashion collection is described as being inspired by the “model off-duty.” The looks were very effortlessly chic. They had a no-fuss appeal to them. There were lots of casual looks with a gray, hooded maxi dress, a striped asymmetrical dress with leather sleeves, over-sized t-shirts, a fur vest, skirts, a leather mini dress and much more. The clothes were very versatile where they can be worn on the runway, to work, to a party or just a regular day shopping. There were looks appropriate for most occasions. Courtney Capretta did a fabulous job with the collection.

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