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Apr 30, 2014


We had the pleasure of visiting Reginae Carter on the set of her new music video for upcoming single, “Mind Going Crazy.” Reginae is the beautiful daughter of rap superstar, Lil Wayne and Toya Wright.

In addition to launching her music career, the 15 year old is the new Jr. Brand Ambassador for Harifinity, who sponsored her video shoot. We sat down and chatted with Reginae about all of the new, exciting projects that she’s working on.

PPLA: How excited are you for your first video shoot?

Reginae: I’m very excited! I’m happy because I’ve always wanted to do this so it’s like my dream coming true.

PPLA: With Hairfinity sponsoring your video shoot, how does it feel to be a Jr. Ambassador?

Reginae: I feel like I can relate to girls my age. And you know it’s all about beauty and beauty within also, not just the hair, you know, all aspects.

PPLA: How long have you been using the product?

Reginae: Since the beginning of this year when I turned 15.

PPLA: So you’re almost 16! Do you have your driver’s license yet?

Reginae: I got my permit last Wednesday!

PPLA: So we want to know about the music. Tell us about the single. What inspired the name of it?

Reginae: The single is called “Mind Going Crazy.” I’m a very outgoing person and my personality is all over the place so it’s like expressing myself in the song.

PPLA: What inspired everything? Where do you get your influence from?

Reginae: Well obviously I get my influence from my father and my mother because they’re so passionate for what they do. When I look at them, I’m  always saying “I wanna roll like this” and I’m thinking “Oh my God! That’s me!”

PPLA: Who are some of your favorite artists besides your dad? We already know he’s number 1 at the top!

Reginae: *jokingly* Ummm No! I’m just kidding! I love Rihanna. She’s just everything and I love her. And I’ll have to say, Jhene Aiko. She’s killing it.

PPLA: Beside music, what else do you aspire to do?

Reginae: Well besides music, I am the youth ambassador for Hairfinity. And I have a clothing line called, Shut Up. And I also want to start acting….and I wrote a book with my God-sister called, Paparazzi Princesses.

PPLA: Oh wow! So is the book fiction?

Reginae: It’s fiction but it’s based on some real things that happened in our lives…kind of. We had a book tour and everything!

PPLA: What inspirational words can you share with teens 16 and under?

Reginae: Well I just want to say, just be you. I’m all about being me. I don’t change for anybody. Just be you and express yourself in every shape and form anywhere.10178005_737440002942850_3144134956874353225_n

Reginae’s mom, Toya Wright, was also there and she’s very proud of her daughter, saying, “One thing I love about Reginae is her personality and her confidence. She has so much personality. Her confidence is through the roof. I mean, with that being said, that’s enough. She’s a great kid!”

We can’t wait to hear Reginae’s new single and see what else this young star in the making has in store! With Lil Wayne being her father, she has some big shoes to fill but we have a feeling that she will be just fine and give her famous dad a run for his money.