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Mar 17, 2022

Q+A With Artist Steve Galindo, “As We Are Pillars of Society” Exhibit in Weho

Steve Galindo is the art director of “As We Are Pillars of Society” for the City of West Hollywood.

Artist: Joey Brock

The exhibit will be celebrating Trans Day of visibility (March 31st) with an art exhibit featuring artists of Transgender experience and artwork celebrating visibility and resilience by  LGBTQIA, Non Binary, and Allies. Located in the heart of West Hollywood, the Connie Norman Center houses several trans-led organizations like Trans Can Work, Unique Women’s Coalition, and FLUX, to name a few. AHF and these groups organize outreach programs and events for the trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming community at large. The event also benefits: Unique Woman’s Coalition Sponsored in part by @FLUX_AHF @WEHOARTS. The gallery will be on display through April 15th.

PPLA: What inspired you to create/participate in  these events and what can our readers expect to see?

SG: My friend Activist & Community Organizer Chanel Blac Lumiere, inspired me to create programming for the Trans community. She and I attended the Black Trans Live Matter march in Hollywood during the pandemic and we got to talking in an interview series I was documenting on refugees from Central America about our nationalities, responsibilities to nationality, how we grew up – she is of Belizian descent and I am of Honduran and Guatemalan descent as well as community organizing. 

Chanel has been involved in her community for years and she asked me to look into my work and find space for the trans community, to look into what I  could do to take action beyond the march. I had been curating a year by then, my first exhibit being on black male identity and the misconceptions media creates towards building identities specifically minorities. After taking a bootcamp course with the City of West Hollywood, the curation happened naturally. My goal after that first exhibit and then bootcamp was to continue to  highlight minorities and our plight. After assisting in mae driven shows, I decided to hone in on women lead organizations and what better way to start with than in my own sphere of influence brown, black and trans women.

Artist: Steve Galindo

PPLA: What artists will be on display?

SG: Artists featured:

@paco.may @onlykuper @jevpic @littlericky001 @dancerdylan @amysmithart @tttheartist @alik_siranosian – you can find them on these handles via Instagram!

PPLA: What is the goal or message you hope to spread with these galleries? 

SG: Our goal with our collaboration is to  bring light to all the contributions made to the trans, queer and overall freedom, unity and equality movement in part led by the trans community. 

To RSVP to the event, contact [email protected].