Award Shows
Apr 7, 2021


Carey Mulligan, received the Cinema Vanguard Award at the 36th Annual Santa Barbara International Film Festival presented to her digitally by Laverne Cox.

On day 6 of the 36th Annual Santa Barbara International Film Festival presented by UGG featured a tribute to Carey Mulliganwho received the Cinema Vanguard Award. Mulligan was honored for her remarkable career and most recent performance in Focus Features’ dark comedy Promising Young Woman written, produced and directed by Emerald Fennell (Killing Eve, The Crown). Mulligan’s performance in Promising Young Woman has already garnered her significant awards recognition, including Best Actress from the National Board of Review, the Los Angeles Film Critics Association, and over 20 national and regional critics groups around the country.

Carey Mulligan virtually sat down with Deadline’s awards columnist, Pete Hammond for an in depth discussion about her career film, television and on the stage.

PH: On having to cook onstage for a role on Broadway: 

CM: “I have not had bolognese since, I really haven’t…The second time I did the play, we did it in London and then we did it on Broadway for 12 weeks and I was like 4 months pregnant by the time we started the run and having eat and to make the bolognese on stage every night – it just finished it for me. I can’t ever again. I don’t cook either so that’s the most cooking I’ve done in years.”

PH: On fighting to be in Shame.

CM: “I made sure that Steve [McQueen] knew how passionate I was about it and was very very keen and eager in our meeting to the point where I sort of jumped in a taxi with him to SoHo, just because he sort of kept trying to end the meeting, he was like ‘Well, it was really nice to meet you’ and I was like, ‘Well, where are you going? What are you doing now?’ and he was like, ‘Well, I’ve got to go to SoHo for a meeting and I was like ‘Me too, let’s go! I’ll come with you!’ and in the cab ride I was like ‘Well, here’s the reason…I know that you might not expect me to do this part but…” and I just wouldn’t leave him alone and I think he sort of eventually tired of me badgering him.”

Following Carey Mulligan’s conversation with Hammond, Laverne Cox presented her with the Cinema Vanguard Award. Laverne opened her remarks by saying: “Carey’s work has always been so subtle and understated, dialed in and deeply committed to the truth. Moment to moment work exposing the complicated humanity of every character she plays. Getting to witness that process up close was so incredibly rewarding. I love actors that can find subtleties and nuances in just a look and Carey does just that. Carey is known as a dramatic actress but she’s also adept at comedy; there was so much levity on set. Carey’s range is infinite and perhaps the greatest testament to the impact of art is how the public responds…the empathy and humanity at the core of Carey’s performance providing catharsis and healing all over the world who see their stories in Cassie. ”