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Aug 29, 2019

Q+A with Christina Milian and Adam Demos of Netflix’s Newest Rom-Com “Falling Inn Love”

Falling Inn Love is a gorgeous feel good Rom-Com set in stunning New Zealand. Starring Christina Milian (Gabriela) and Adam Demos (Jake) you won’t be able to stop yourself from falling in love with them.

PPLA: How did you both become involved with this project? Was it a traditional audition, or an offer, did you know of it in advance?

CM: For me, my manager got her hands on the script and she hunted down Netflix and said you need to hire Christina! That is the truth, thats how it happened. Next thing I knew they were like alright, we cave in, we’ll take her. You know this script came across her radar, and she felt I was right for the role ( her manger) and then she sent me the script to see if it was right to pursue. And I think, being put on their (Netflix) radar helped it all come into fruition. And, I’m really happy that I was chosen.

AD: Mine was just the standard audition process. My manager sent me the script to see if I’d like to audition for it, and as soon as I read it, I was into it. You know, I put down a tape, and then luckily enough things went my way, and here we are.

PPLA: Had either of you been to New Zealand before, either for work or play?

AD: That was my first time ever! I mean I felt guilty once I got there, because you realize how stunning it is, and it was only previously three hours away from me. But, since wrapping the film I’ve been there twice more, thats how much I love it. I actually just got back a week ago, I went snowboarding for four days.

CM: I had been there before, years ago, for a quick tour stop. This time I actually got to check out New Zealand and I fell in love with it.

PPLA: What did you guys love most about New Zealand?

AD: The scenery is second to none. I’ve never, I’ve never been to any place quite like it, that really takes your breath away. And, also the people. They’re so lovely and welcoming too. So, it’s a mixture of everything. Oh, and also they do pretty good wine over there.

CM: Oh yeah, the wines not bad

She laughs into the mic and you can hear both of them light up at their memories of filming in such a magical location, the joy is there, in their close knit laughs.

CM: But it is just such a beautiful landscape. There is so much to see, so you never tire of it.

PPLA: What was your favorite scene to film?

AD: The one where we’re in the ocean. They had to clear all the crew from the beach, to get that last shot on a drone. It sounds quite creepy but the sun was setting and all of a sudden you look around and there’s noone on the beach. It’s just us swimming in the ocean, with the sun going down, and you can’t even see the drone. It was quite surreal, the fact that you’re currently in a movie, you know?

CM: My favorite part was running through the sand, and pushing Adam down.

AD: Oh come on, you’re so cruel like that. ( And they both laugh)

CM: It was really fun. We were both racing through the water, and the threw me over his shoulder. It was really fun.

PPLA: Okay, so Christina, we’ve heard that you have an actual begniet shop? Is this role mirroring your life a bit? Going into hospitality in life and art? Tell us all about it.

CM: Haha! Yes that is true! Thats the last thing people expect from me, but yes it’s true. I have the beignet business with my best friend. She was my roommate for years, up until a couple years ago. We always wanted to open up a bakery in Studio City. And, because she’s from Louisiana I got to taste some real beignets and we got our hands on her parent’s beignet recipe, and then we decided to bring beignets to Los Angeles. We launched our truck in June, and it’s been going great! I love it!! I love cooking, I love meeting all the fans, honestly it’s been a pretty awesome experience.

PPLA: So this goes hand in hand with your character getting into the hospitality business, with what shes landed with in Falling Inn Love.

CM: Oh thats no joke, right? It definitely has to do with hospitality. With the food truck you’re dealing with customers, and wanting to get your customers, and make sure everybody is happy, while you’re giving good quality work. So it does reflect on the same kind of thing.

PPLA: And Adam, you also have a real life parallel. You used to work in construction, back in Australia? Which you also do in the film.

AD: Yeeeeesssss I did. But in the film, I just had to pick up tools and pretend to do things. Fortunately, I didn’t do any real construction on set, because it wouldn’t have looked too good (we don’t believe him, but sure Adam… if you say so). But, it was very surreal. I grew up doing construction, you know, dreaming about being on set, pursuing acting. Then all of a sudden all these years later I’m on set pretending to do construction, while being filmed in a movie. It’s a pinch yourself moment.

PPLA: Well clearly you both booked the roles because of your real life experience helped.

AD: It always does. Maybe Falling Inn Love 2 we can run a beignet truck together.

PPLA: Was this both of your first woking with the Director, Roger Kumble?

CM: Oh yeah, both of us it was our first time working with Roger. I was a huge fan of Roger’s because I loved Cruel Intentions. It was one of those films in my teens/twenties where I would watch them with my friends. So, when I got to work with him, I was like oh man, I’ve been wanting to work with him since back then. Cruel Intentions is one of those classic films. I could only imagine how cool it would be to work with him now, and he ended up being the coolest guy ever.

AD: Yeah, he’s awesome. And he really added some layers of comedy in there for Falling Inn Love. He really got his mark on it, and it helps with the film. Gives it a little bit of edge as well.

CM: He stretched the limits of your usual romantic comedy and taking it to the next level with the comedy.

PPLA: How long did you shoot for?

AD: We were there for five weeks.

CM: We shot for about five weeks, but I was there for two months.

PPLA: How was it working with that goat?

AD: I don’t know. I didn’t have the privilege of working on scenes with him.

CM: I had a great time with the goat. Me and the goat get along just fine. I feel like I fell in love with the goat more than Jake.

AD: Woah, okay edit that one out.

CM: I mean….how can you not? I’m an animal lover. One of the funnest things is seeing this relationship or well the drama thats going on between Gabriela and the goat. Doing the actual scenes was pretty effortless. It was a very professional goat. Yeah, he’s pretty professional hit all his cues, and ate his food when he had to and ran out of the scene when he had to. He’s actually pretty famous.

PPLA: Our apologies for not realizing we were referenceing a bonafide movie star.

CM: He’s got a star on Hollywood blvd.

Photo Courtsey of Netflix

We all had a great laugh wrapping up Christina and Adam’s adventure on Falling Inn Love with Gilbert the Goat. Make sure you catch it now on Netflix.