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Mar 26, 2020

Q+A With Elohim

Elohim has recently released a brand new album and was scheduled for a concert tour. We sat down to talk influence, inspiration, and aspiration with Elohim.

Photo Credit: Chase O’Black

Elohim has postponed her tour to ensure the health and safety of her fans, and in compliance with government orders. But that doesn’t mean we can’t jam out to her album at home, while looking forward to her renewed concert tour in the near future. We sat down with Elohim to chat music and aspirations with her. Lets dive into what her driving force is, and what makes the genius of her music tick.

Photo Credit: Chase O’Black

PPLA: For your new single Group Therapy, it’s such a contrast in lyrics versus production. What inspired you to pair serious lyrics to such upbeat

E: No matter what the music sounds like, it is important for me to write
lyrics with purpose and meaning behind them. On “Group Therapy,”
I really love the juxtaposition of the extra fun upbeat music with
honest lyrics that are incredibly real about what I go through daily.
There is something comforting about that in a way. Almost kinda
like saying “Hey, its all good and it’s all gonna be ok”. In the case of
“Group Therapy” I had made the track first and wrote the lyrics and
melody a few months later!

PPLA: What do you hope your fans glean from listening to “Group Therapy”?
E: For me I hope that it brings whatever you didn’t know you needed,
but definitely needed in that moment of listening to it. I hope that it
gives the listener a feeling of comfort, love, happiness and
brightness. The world is strange and I want my music to be a
comforting friend the listener can go to when in need.

PPLA: For fans who are just getting to know you would you tell us how you first became interested in music?
E: I decided when I was five years old that I wanted to play piano. My
dad bought me a one hundred dollar piano and told me I had to get
good before I got another one. I studied classical piano vigilantly for
all of my childhood. I would change the chords and make my own
music out of it. I continued playing classical and hey I got that brand
new shiny black piano when I was 13. 🙂

PPLA: What inspired you when creating this album? 
E: I was really inspired by my childhood. My brother and I worked a lot
on this album and it was the first time we had worked together. It
was pure magic. I think I had to become me to be able to create
with someone that close to me. We both didn’t know what to
expect. Something else I am really inspired by is the listener and
thinking of the live show. I’ve gotten to know so many of these
beautiful humans through the years and I often think of them when

PPLA: What song on the album feels most personal, that you hope resonates with fans?
E: There is a song called “Where are your friends tonight.” That one
feels emotional and personal. It reminds me of the relationship I
have with the listeners who have become my best friends.

PPLA: Do you have a favorite song from this album? 
E: There is a song called “Good day bad day.” I think that one has got
to be my favorite if I had to pick just ONE! But they’re all special to
me for different reasons.

PPLA: Do you have any rituals you can’t go without before stepping on stage? 
E: The only ritual I have is dousing myself in peppermint oil! It helps
center and calm me down. Also, if I am feeling nauseous from my
anxiety it is really good for that.

PPLA: What city would you like to perform in that you haven’t had a chance to go to yet? 
E: Tokyo, Berlin, Stockholm and gosh so many others I’ve barely
scratched the surface!!

PPLA: Who is a dream collab artist for you? 
E: Thom Yorke, Bjork, Frank Ocean, Twenty One Pilots!

PPLA: Why “Elohim” for God in Hebrew? We love that you have a secret identity and would love a peek into why that name resonated with you.
E: Something I’ve been very open about since day one is my
struggle with my mental health. Planet earth is a wild place and it
can be very difficult to navigate. It was incredibly tough for me. I
was scared of everything. The name Elohim gave me strength
and empowered me. Especially as a woman in music. It helped
me feel that feeling of feeling invincible I once felt as a young
child. I took on the persona of someone that can do anything and face her fears and it became me. It was not easy.

PPLA: We’re looking forward to seeing where your journey takes you. Would you leave us with any final thoughts about the creativity behind your music? 
E: The creativity behind my music comes from a place of love. A place
of wanting the listener to feel understood and less alone. I am here
for you always and forever.