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Jul 17, 2020

Q+A With Stephen Bishop, Of Netflix’s Latest Thriller ‘Fatal Affair’

Fatal Affair will leave you shaking in your boots, while also serving as a cautionary tale against extramarital affairs. We caught up with Stephen Bishop to discuss his Netflix psychological thriller.

Directed by Peter Sullivan, Fatal Affair introduces us to Ellie (Nia Long) who tries to mend her marriage with her husband Marcus (Stephen Bishop) after a brief encounter with an old friend, David (Omar Epps), only to find that David is more dangerous and unstable than she’d realized. We caught up with Stephen to give you an inside look at why this should be your binge, date night, stay at home watch this weekend.


PPLA: How did this project come about for you? Did you have to audition or was it an offer?

SB: This was an offer, which was a fantastic honor. The producers and director saw me on Imposters and liked my work. They wanted to work with me and yeah, that’s how this came about. It’s very fortunate.

PPLA: What was your favorite scene to shoot?

SB: Theres two. I’m a golfer, so the scene on the golf course it was such great weather a perfect day. I actually play that golf course, so it was great to be doing that somewhere I do golf. And the lunch scene on the patio with everybody. The setting, the weather was so beautiful, it was so great to sit out there and do that work, you know?

PPLA: Did you get to do the stunts and fight sequences yourself? How was it working with the fight choreographer, and how long did you have to work on it? 

SB: Omar and I did do the fight ourselves, we had maybe 15 mins before we shot, that we really got into it and blocking it . You know we’re speeding it up a little and speeding it up a little as we went. “Speedy” our stunt coordinator, he made sure everyone was safe and things looked great. There was one stunt they wouldn’t let me do (I really wanted to), they wouldn’t allow me to fly over the balcony. Probably best for everyone.

PPLA: Where did you film, and had you been there before?

SB: We filmed the bulk in Malibu, and I have been there, but not this house which was a spectacular set. Driving out to Malibu every morning was really something and it was a great shoot. 

PPLA: Favorite moment on set?

SB: Thats a tough question, I think getting the first scene in the can. Because it was my first time working with Nia, she was a friend of mine before we worked together, and I was a fan of hers before we became friends so I wanted to make sure I did a good job working with her, and I wanted to make a good first impression. After the first scene was done, but I felt Nia (energy wise) give me her stamp of approval, so the mutual realization of this being a good working relationship was actualized. That just energized everything. Because I had known her for years, but it’s different you know, when you work with someone. It was great to know Nia as an actor, where before I knew her, outside just as who she is as a person. So now this understanding of our work, it was good and it really was just good energy to know we had this. That it was going to work, and it was great.

PPLA: Did you keep anything as a memento?

SB: I did not. All I kept was our set gifts. We got wrap gifts I have this great sweatshirt from it now. But everyone cast and crew got them.

PPLA: Had you worked with your director Peter Sullivan before?

SB: This was my first time. He was great, I really loved working with him. he stayed focus, composed, he’s a star. 

PPLA: What is on the horizon for you next?

SB: Yes, the Coins for Love sequel, Coins for Christmas on tv one and Run the World for Starz! But Covid has put a wrench in that, waiting for it to calm down to shoot the first season. We shot the pilot, and it was picked up, we’re supposed to be filming in NYC but umm, Covid happened, so now you know we have to wait until it’s safe to do so, but it’s happening.

PPLA: Are you bingeing anything at the moment?

SB: Yeah, I need more we’re waiting on season two for a lot of these now. But we’ve (*Stephen means his lovely wife and himself) been into The Witcher, Money Heist, and Hunters.