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Feb 4, 2019

Q+A with The Killers Guitarist Dave Keuning, As He Ventures into Solo Project!

Yes you read that correctly, you know him from The Killers but guitarist Dave Keuning is striking out on his own as well. Dave is paving his own musical sound with his new album Prismism.

Photo Credit: Dana Trippe

Don’t worry you won’t have to wait long to hear his new music. Despite a heavy touring schedule Dave managed to pull off an entire album and set up a modest US tour thats stopping right here in Los Angeles. You can catch him Tuesday February 5th, at The Roxy on the infamous Sunset Strip in West Hollywood. Despite years of playing around the world this will be Dave’s very first time performing at The Roxy, so in a way his new music is also bringing its life into new venues for this rock veteran. We caught up with Dave ahead of the big day, enjoy the Q+A below.

PPLA: What inspired this Album?

DK: You know, I wish I had done this ten years ago. I had these ideas I’d been carrying around with me. Once I decided to sing to have control over the fate of my music, they just came out of me.

PPLA: Which was the first song you recorded on the record?

DK: ‘Stuck Here on Earth’

PPLA: How did you write “Stuck Here on Earth” What was the process for you?

DK: I had, had the guitar chords in my mind for awhile. I first recorded it as a four track version on my phone. Then I had an engineer come over and it really came to life in Pro-Tools, rather than it’s initial version on my phone.

PPLA: How long did the entire record take to make?

DK: Well with a busy touring schedule I had to really set aside time to make this record. So it took longer because it wasn’t all consecutive. I’d say One and a half years for the first song and six months to record the rest of the songs (but not in a row).

PPLA: Did you have a particular style in mind for this record?

DK: I don’t like to limit myself musically. I’ve always embraced different music styles. The sound for this record developed naturally. It was nice, I finally had a chance to play as much keyboard as I wanted when making this record. Alot of it came together by really just playing around and exploring sounds on the keyboard. That was key to how alot of the songs were born.

We wrapped up the interview with Dave assuring us he’d continue to make music and we couldn’t be more thrilled for him. It’s always exciting to see artists you’ve followed for years branch out and grow as artists. Hope you will all join us this Tuesday as we rock out with Dave at The Roxy! If you can’t make it, we’ve got you covered, you’ll just have to catch the next show! In the meantime you can enjoy Dave’s album which went on sale January 25th HERE