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Aug 9, 2014


RAW Natural Artists held its Allure event at Los Globos in Silverlake last night showcasing over 60 indie artists.

RAWArtistsLAThe RAW Artists collective is known for showcasing cutting-edge, underground work from all over the country. Their Allure show is currently touring and made its way to Los Angeles to show off its newest finds.

I was delighted to see a runway  portion of the floor incorporated into the event once again, having attended their previous events. Although the venue was not expansive, the use of lighting was very clever and  made it feel open and large.

All the artists featured were, as usual, incredibly talented.  One of my favorite photographers Cory Stierley was featured. For me his work is emotionally moving and truly touches the heart. His photos manage to be subtle while still being dramatic and bold, and the saturation in his pictures is perfect. RAWArtistsLA

I also had the pleasure of being introduced to the beautiful work of artist Femme Savant. Each piece of art that she showcased was deep with personal emotion that came through to the audience. I became a huge fan immediately! Her work is both feminine empowering, and  I encourage everyone to take a look at her profile on RAW Artists.

The RAW Artists collective continues to push the boundaries when it comes to art,fashion and music.  This event had a great turnout and I look forward to checking out their next event in Los Angeles.

To learn more and view the  photo gallery from this event, visit RAW Artists.