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Oct 5, 2014


Raw Artists was back with their latest show Axis in Los Angeles on October 2nd and Press Pass LA could not stay away! Having attended in the past, I was thrilled to see the latest upcoming painters, clothing designers, and photographers on display from the emerging underground art scene in the City of Angels.

This Raw Artists show did not disappoint. It was both theatrical and  fun! One of my favorites was Disney-inspired artist RawArtistsLosAngeles. His art had an incredible amount of love and depth incorporated on display throughout his work. While I must admit that I have a small obsession with Disney, specifically the Disney princesses, I would still say Pinto was my favorite artist of the evening, advantages aside!

The only thing that could rival my love of Disney is possibly my love of fashion.  At this event, it was my pleasure to meet designer Dominique Scales. The name of her clothing line is called Artistic Ragz.  It is quite possibly one of the most stunning lines I have ever seen, especially the breathtaking array of hats. Simply gorgeous! You rarely see hat wear incorporated into women’s fashion and I loved the tribal inspiration seen throughout this collection.

As for the photography, I was impressed with the work of  Kashka which was both urban and eclectic.  I truly enjoyed his use of black and white images to capture the vintage feel of 1960’s Hollywood.  I couldn’t help but snag some a piece of art for myself!

RawArtistsLosAngelesIt’s always a pleasure to support local artists, but it’s nice knowing that Raw Artists always delivers!  The work on display has never failed to capture my attention and has truly expanded my artistic palette. For me, art is a form of expression that allows people to break out of their boxes and become more open-minded thinkers. The community Raw Artists has built has truly captured that essence.  It was a pleasure to be invited back and I can not recommend you checking out their next installation enough!

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