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Oct 31, 2018

RBG Documentary Review

Hulu has given us an incredible inside look into Ruth Badger Ginsburg. Aka: The Notorious RBG

RBG is an intimate look into the life of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Ginsburg catapulted into fame by becoming one of the top pop culture icons of 2018 (first and foremost, she was the second female Justice). From her best selling graphic tees in Urban Outfitters to her very own R.B.G action figures; Ginsburg can be found virtually anywhere. RBG serves as an insight into the multi-dimensions of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The “Notorious R.B.G” is vulnerable, maternal, and a force to be reckoned with.

We can’t help but feel inspired by the patience and kindness Ginsburg exuded when she faced backlash for her views. RBG shows how Ginsburg juggled being a law student, wife, and mother. She accomplished everything with grace, while simultaneously tending to her husband, Martin, through his Chemotherapy. Martin was Ruth’s biggest supporter, RBG credits her success  securing a spot in the U.S. Supreme court to Martin’s Rolodex and charisma. President Bill Clinton, disagrees and claims she won him over within the first fifteen minutes of their interview. Ruth Bader Ginsburg serves  as a reminder that women can get what they set their sights to, through perseverance and determination. 


The documentary is directed by Julie Cohen and Betsy West. Capturing Ginsburg’s interpersonal relationships and her court history seamlessly. The documentary includes clips from RBG’s early professional life as well as snippets of her personal relationships. Cohen and West broke up the trials and tribulations Ginsburg faced with the wit of RBG’s friends and intense workouts. The film was released in early May, it made over $14 million, and is predicted to be a big competitor in the 91st Academy Awards.

RBG fans are highly anticipating Felicity Jones’ rendition of  Ruth Bader Ginsburg in On the Basis of Sex. This biographical drama is based on Ginsburg’s ongoing battle to end gender discrimination and her journey to the supreme court. The film also stars Kathy Bates, Armie Hammer, and Justin Theroux. On the Basis of Sex set to premiere on December 25th.


Mary Malloy.