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Oct 28, 2015


The Reaktion, straight from Santiago, Chile is taking the metal scene by surprise with their fusion of Electronic music and hard rock. Bands like Linking Park and Rage Against the Machine introduced the turn table and DJ elements to rock, now The Reaktion are taking it to another level.

Their focus is revolution and love, their message is to let you know that there is no revolution without love; we can even say they are the electronic/Rock Beatles of the 21st century. Songs like “10 Steps to Success” talk about ways of staying on the top by being yourself, and not allowing anything else to deviate you from your own goals. Be yourself and work hard.

However, they are using irony to describe their steps of success. Listen to the song and you will see the irony behind the title and the lyrics. Another song, which directs its message at breaking out of the system and giving love to anyone that wants to receive, is “The Network.” We sat down with The Reaktion during the Knotfest in San Bernardino, California, and dissected their style and new album out now titled Selknam.

PPLA: I have to say your music is a great fusion of electronic and metal. Bands now a days focus in trash metal, heavy metal but what drove you guys to do this mix.

Simon: We personally like to listen to heavy metal with heavy riffs and heavy music, we have been trying to find music we like to play and hear. We like music with melody vocals and screaming vocals.-That’s why we made the band four years ago. We are now free and here playing in Knotfest in California.

Phillip M.: We are trying to strike the balance between all the genres, and spread a good message to our fans.

PPLA: I noticed that you focus on social and political issues.

Simon: Yea spiritual, social, not in a revolting way. We focus on letting people know that they have solutions which they have to make in their life, that there are solutions and its up to each individual what they want to do with it.

Leonardo: We try to talk about the revolution of love, when you respect each other, the end of wars, to move out of the matrix. We try to find our objective in life and that is what we focus in our new album Selknam. We try to express those messages with harmonics on our guitar and deep tuning and heavy music.

PPLA: I noticed, that is what you express in the song titled “The Network” it’s a deeper song, why did you guys decide to infuse that song, and what is it about?

Simon: Yeah it’s about love, even deeper it is about revolution.

PPLA:  I dare to say that you guys are the 2015 Beatles.

Simon: Yeah that’s our main influence, Diego our other guitarist was a huge Beatles fan.

PPLA: What’s  ahead for you guys? What tours will you be doing?

Phillip: Well, we currently have a bunch of stuff lined up and shows. We can’t tell anything officially, but we do have some stuff coming up maybe new material on social media. But definitely we will be busy putting more material out.

PPLA: What’s the story about on the song“Ten Steps to Success”? The lyrics talk about being wasted, tell me about it.

Simon: Its an irony, we try to be very clear but that song is all about irony, it tells you to be successful and don’t pay attention just keep doing what you are doing.

PPLA: What has been your favorite part of the Knotfest so far?

Phillip: We have just been enjoying the people, the fans are nice, the vibe was great.

Leonardo: We had a CD signing and the crowd was great, the few of them that were in the venue that early they paid attention, they seem to get the music.

Simon: The fans were humble, and impressed with the show.

PPLA: What is your favorite band in the show?

Phillip M.: We were rehearsing and missed Born of Osiris, but obviously Bring Me The Horizon, we saw Korn last night.

Simon: I love Korn the drummer was just insane, I was freaking out how good the drummer was.”

Phillip M.: I was letting people know that I was 16 when I first started playing bass and listening to those bands, that are breaking new ground and now we are sharing stage with them we are blown away.

These guys are surfacing in the metal scene and as the crowd embraced their sound, they too are thankful for the support. They are an awesome group of guys to sit down and have a chat with. As humble as they are, the trio will definitely create more music and tour soon. Do not miss this act, as they are the revolutionaries of this electro/metal clash. Selknam is out world wide via- Mainia Records.

The Reaktion is:

Simon Rojas- Vocalist
Leonardo Signorelli- Drums
Phillip MonyPenny- Bass
Diego Sagredo- Guitars
Written by: Jose Barrientos