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Apr 15, 2024

Red Dining Book: Your Ticket to LA’s Dining Scene

Dining in Los Angeles is a bit of an art, we bring you our best recommendations in our weekly Dinner Diaries series! If you’re looking for savings for some of these amazing spots, Red Dining Book has launched to offer just that.

Created by Carlo and Debbie Schmid, Red Dining Book is a ticket (and a discount) to the best culinary experiences in LA. Born from a love for exceptional cuisine and a desire to share their favorite spots with Angelenos across the city, Red Dining Book is more than just a voucher for a free entreè—it’s a ticket to the heart and soul of Los Angeles’ dining scene.

The small (4×6 inches) red book has partnered with 14 of the best LA restaurants to offer owners of the book one free entree with the purchase of two entrees. Each book features stunning photography, all done by Simone van Kempen, showcasing the team behind the restaurants and the ambiance and personality of each featured restaurant, rather than just the dishes. Each restaurant has a biography, a collection of photos and is featured on a map at the front of the book. The founders even included a few blank sheets in the back for guests to reflect on their experiences at each restaurant (aka your own personal Dinner Diary!)

Some of the restaurants featured include: Bacetti, Bar Monette, Casaléna, Dal Milanese, Eveleigh, Grá, Isla, Joyce, Kismet, Kodō, Mazal, Mona Pasta Bar, Nossa Caipirinha Bar and Yess.

Red Dining Book is limited, with only a few hundred copies available for 2024 and the offers valid only until December 31st. The book is valued at $420 and costs $95 to purchase. Red Dining Book will be coming out with new additions every year, with more restaurants featured, making this a great personal splurge or a gift item!

In addition to celebrating the culinary diversity of Los Angeles, Red Dining Book is committed to giving back to the community. For every book purchased, a donation equivalent to 10 meals is made to the Westside Food Bank, supporting efforts to combat food insecurity in the local area.

Whether you’re a lifelong Angeleno, a visitor looking to explore the city’s hidden culinary gems, or you’re looking for the perfect gift for the foodie in your life, Red Dining Book is your ticket to an unforgettable gastronomic journey through the heart of Los Angeles.