Sep 20, 2017

The Red Shoes Dazzle at The Ahmanson

Center Theater Group has once again brought another cultural must see to the Los Angeles area. The Red Shoes is a beautiful ballet which brings the original film of it’s namesake to life. The ballet will run at the Ahmanson from September 15th through October 1st. Don’t miss your chance to see this ballet’s cast of charismatic dancers bring it to life. 

The story follows our heroine Vicky Page from her days as an aspiring ballerina, to the shinning stage. throughout the course of the ballet we see her grow into her art. At the height of her passion for dance, she is forced to choose between her love, and her passion of dance. Set amidst a talented composter, our heroine (the ballerina), and an imperious instructor the story unfolds. Is love or your love of your art great enough to die for? What would you choose? You greatest role or your greatest love? The Red Shoes follow Vicky’s inner turmoil as she is torn between two existences.


You may purchase tickets here: The Red Shoes  The production leaves the Ahmanson Oct. 1st. If you’re one of our east coast readers, they will be heading to Lincoln Center in NYC next.