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Jun 25, 2016


The Redlands Bowl opened its 93rd Summer Music Festival last night, with the renowned Maestro Frank Paul Fetta conducting its 2188th performance at the Bowl, leading the San Bernardino Symphony Orchestra on a night of Gershwin Spectacular.

20160624_201932The night was with the special appearance of soloist pianist Steven Vanhauwaert. Sublime music soared in the cool summer night and was met with multiple standing ovations.

Only about one (1) hour drive East from Los Angeles, Redlands Bowl is a hidden gem and the venue for America’s oldest continuously running Summer Music Festival where admission is free. World-class concerts are held every Tuesday and Friday night from 8pm, with a wide range of variety: from opera, musical, jazz, ballet to mariachi music. Attendance of all ages can enjoy the bench seats or bring picnic blankets for the grass area.

“Every year, I look forward to the opening night of the Festival because for me it is like the official opening of the summer. To see thousands of people here, it makes me feel warm and happy inside. It is clear that classical, symphonic music is still very important to many people.” – said Maestro Fetta.

Having been with the Redlands Bowl since 1979, Maestro Fetta has a buoyant energy and an unique style in captivating the audience. He usually opens each piece with a brief introduction about the music and the composer, as if telling a good story to a few close friends by a fireplace. “We usually forget that these great musicians are real people just like us. They have the same types of problems like us: relationship, money, self doubt… but they write these beautiful music pieces. It gives us hope and joy. It lifts us up.” – said Maestro Fetta.

The story of Redlands Bowl goes back to nearly a century ago, when a lady by the name of Grace Stewart Mullen had the vision and devotion to bring music to the public. She founded this magnificent amphitheater in the park and performances started in 1924. Till this day, her legacy allows thousands of people from around the world to come and enjoy each performance for free.

The Festival runs until August, with the season finale on August 13th to be accompanied by a spectacular firework show. For moRedlandsSummerFestival re information go to

Written by Petra Lo