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Oct 12, 2015


The CW announces its newest show “Hatched” airing Saturday mornings and giving young American entrepreneurs (with a focus on teens) the opportunity of a lifetime to pitch their unique inventions to seasoned executives, hosted by Nicole Lapin.

Hatched_CW_NicolelapinNicole Lapin is best known as a financial expert and an anchor for CNBC and CNN Live. She released her book “Rich Bitch” earlier this year teaching readers how to get their financial life together and launched a line of financial planning smart watches called CASH Smartwatch.

Now Nicole is bringing her years of business acumen to TV and helping entrepreneurs seize the American Dream! Nicole Lapin hosts the show and serves as one of the judges alongside Freddy Cameron and Joe Kincaid.

In each themed episode, HATCHED business experts will introduce the two entrepreneurs whom they believe have the poteIMG_1313-rntial to launch the next best- selling product. With the help of the experts, the entrepreneurs will learn the ins and outs of how to raise capital for a start-up and the do’s and don’ts of selling their concepts in hopes of making their creation a reality. After revealing their Final product, the HATCHED entrepreneurs will go head-to-head in a nail-biting retail challenge to determine which product will make it to retail!

The products featured with span the categories of beauty, toys, pet supplies, and baby care. Viewers have the opportunity to watch as entrepreneurs embark on the opportunity of a lifetime.