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Jun 7, 2019

Rory and The Devil Set to Debut at Hollywood Fringe Festival

Rory and The Devil is set to make it’s debut at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. The play, based on true events is directed by David McElwee.

Rory and The Devil deals with the Irish upheaval which ended with the “Good Friday Agreement”. If you don’t know the story you can google the real life events, by searching for Irish, Good Friday Agreement, 20 years ago. That combo should hit the nail right on the head in your search bar. This play takes a look at what the rukus’ point of view looked like from inside a small pub. David McElwee is a veteran stage actor in New York City, who felt The Hollywood Fringe Festival was the perfect venue for his directorial debut. Rory and The Devil is set for early previews tomorrow June 8th, but will run throughout the month of June. Be sure to check out the Fringe Festival’s website for a full run of show, to put this on your watch list.

Rory and The Devil takes place over the course of one night inside the small pub. The play revolves around Mary Friel, a barmaid striving to maintain harmony amongst the men in her life. The characters revisit ancestral legends and secrets revealing a cycle of violence. It’s a talented cast of characters inhabited by a diverse group of actors: Jennifer Lane Oakley as “Mary”;  John Apicella as “Neil”; Glenn Stanton as “Rua”; John Harnagel as “Hugh”; Tyee Tilghman as “Robert”; and finally Brennan Murray as “Collin”. The piece is also being assistant directed by Marissa Rivera.