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Sep 1, 2017

Saint Mesa Releases New Song “Lion”

Lion, the latest single from Saint Mesa, definitely has teeth. The colossal production, which includes a horn section orchestrated by the artist, was recorded with the self-taught multi-instrumentalist on the guitar, keys, rain stick and percussion. PPLA was able to talk to Saint Mesa about the release, which you can stream above.

PPLA: How did you go about orchestrating the horn section to Lion? Was it instinctive / something you had ever done before?

Saint Mesa: It was slightly instinctive, as I’ve been listening to orchestral soundtracks since I was young, but I’ve definitely never worked with actual horn players. It was really fun. I remember my engineer Dash said to my two horn players, “You guys are two roman centurions, and we’re gonna stack you and make you sound like a whole roman legion.”

PPLA: Will Lion be part of upcoming EP?

Saint Mesa: No idea yet honestly. As of right now Lion is releasing as a single. I have a cool idea of incorporating the already released singles with the new ones in an interesting way, but we’re still working on all of that.

PPLA: Is Lion a new chapter for Saint Mesa or does this song stand alone?

Saint Mesa: It’s not necessarily a new chapter of Saint Mesa, more so just a different side of me. I wanted the production to feel dramatic and heavy, and also wanted a way to modernize my love for orchestral music.