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Oct 2, 2019

Sam Fender Concert Review

British rock star Sam Fender hit Los Angeles with a show at the infamous Troubador this past week, and it was epic.

Sam Fender sold out the Troubador with well known artists and a CAA guest list a mile long, all hedging to get their foot in the door. The show was almost cancelled because Sam was ill, but he rallied and went on to blow away the house. If he sounds that incredible sick, live, and most likely jet lagged, our hearts are NOT prepared for him in full fighting form. He is one of the few artists today who can take a stage and manage to sound better than the recorded album. He went on to play almost all of the tracks from his debut 2019 album “Hypersonic Missles”, a Bruce Springsteen acoustic cover, alongside witty banter, and a little self deprication. Afterall are you even a Brit without a dash of self-depricating humor? Watching him take the stage and command such energy, despite being under the weather really threw us for a loop. What a performer. Ladies and Gentlemen, hop off here and snatch up “Hypersonic Missiles” if it isn’t already in your collection. We’re calling it now, Sam Fender is a music legend in the making. Now, we’re just hoping he spoils us with a full studio tour soon, Staples Center anyone?

Fun fact: the saxophonist on his album is the same one on tour with 1975.