Sep 30, 2011


Legendary music video director Samuel Bayer has an eye for beauty, and now he is using his visual art to help kids heal. Thursday, on the rooftop of Hollywood’s Siren Studios, he unveiled Transitions, an installation featuring large-scale photos of magnificent butterflies around a giant white man-made “cocoon” filled with video from his forthcoming documentary film featuring David Anguiano.

Bayer uses both video and photography in the multi-media event to tell the story of David, a young man who was severely and violently injured at a young age, and who has since conquered his trauma by finding a voice through music, drama, writing, and directing.

This exhibition, as well as this style of healing through creativity, is supported by The Art of Elysium, an organization that connects actors, artists, and musicians in Los Angeles and New York to children with medical afflictions. Jennifer Howell, who founded this organization in 1997, has seen it grow exponentially in the past 14 years and hopes that it will expand to other cities. If this event, attended by a host of supporters, is any indication, Howell’s dream is bound to become a reality.