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Apr 16, 2013


“We’ve been on the road for three months now, it’s the longest tour we’ve ever done. We’re excited to go back home to Australia tomorrow, but we couldn’t think of a better place to end our U.S. tour than with you here tonight L.A.” said lead vocalist Jordi Davieson to a room full of fabulous twenty-somethings in funky and fashionable attire. It was the perfect conclusion to San Cisco’s tour, finishing at the legendary Troubadour.

The night started with opening act Chaos Chaos. The sisterly duo wowed the audience with their harmonizing melodies and rockin’ good vibes. The group consists of Asy on lead vocals and keyboard and lil’ sis Chloe on drums. The siblings were accompanied on stage by a special guest cellist, whose rich sound added much dimension to the music and really brought everything together. Check out their Kickstarted-funded EP entitled “S.”

The crowd went bananas as the main act took the stage. The Indie Pop band, San Cisco (formerly know as King George), is composed of four utterly adorable Aussies: Jordi Davieson on lead vocals and guitar, Josh Biondillo on guitar and vocals, Nick Gardner on bass, and the lovely Scarlett Stevens on drums and vocals. I had the pleasure of speaking with Scarlett on the phone prior to their performance that night. What a doll! I could barely understand what she was saying due to her quirky Australian accent, but I enjoyed speaking with her nonetheless.

We chatted about crazy stalkers, David Bowie, and sea lions. This is how the conversation went

PPLA: Hey Scarlett! I heard you just flew into today. Welcome to the U.S.!

Scarlett: (Haha) Hey! Actually we just flew in from New York, we played a show last night at The Bowery Ballroom.

PPLA: Oh! I was under the impression you were flying in from down under today. Well, welcome to L.A.! I’m excited to check you guys out tonight at The Troubadour.

Scarlett: Thanks! We’re excited to play.

PPLA: What’s your favorite song to play live?

Scarlett: I really like playing “No Friends” at our shows. It’s silly and quirky, but its actually a dark song disguised in a poppy song.

PPLA: Is that how you would describe the over style of your music?

Scarlett: Yea, I think so.

PPLA: Your music video for the song “Awkward” has over 4 millions views! Is that song based on anyone’s personal experience with a stalker?

Scarlett: (Haha) No, we just made it up for the song. We wrote that song in two hours.

PPLA: Do you guys normally make up stories for your songs?

Scarlett: Jordi writes most of the songs. He usually writes about his personal experiences, but when he runs out we add some fictitious scenarios to make it more dramatic.

PPLA: What’s the craziest thing a fan has ever done?

Scarlett: Well, we have some fans that like to photoshop our faces. They photoshopped Jordi’s face onto a sea lion. It’s pretty funny, actually. We also had some fans skip school to bring us cookies they baked. It was quite sweet, actually.

PPLA: You guys started out in 2009 as a band named King George and later switched to San Cisco. What’s the story behind that?

Scarlett: Well, we were quite rushed for a name in the beginning. Our friends advised us to change our name. So we brainstormed a few ideas and let our Facebook fans vote on which they liked best.

PPLA: What American bands are you really into?

Scarlett: I really like Smith Westerns, they’re from Chicago. I also really like Supercute! and Chaos Chaos. They’re great.

PPLA: If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be

Scarlett: (without hesitation) David Bowie.

The band put on a stellar performance that night! Everyone loved it. Fans went wild after the show as Jordi and Scarlett came back out to say hello, shake hands, and sign autographs. I saw one fan get Scarlett’s autograph on his forehead. I wonder how long he’ll go before he finally decides to wash his face…?

Check out the band’s most recent EP entitled “Awkward” and keep up with their latest adventures at SanCiscoMusic on Facebook.