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Feb 5, 2015


It’s hard to believe that I just spoke with model-actress-producer Sarah Karges only a few months ago about her movement: 30 Days Self-Love and she’s already come back to us with even bigger news.

Today, Sarah is taking her movement to the next level. She’s tapped into the energy of many of the great people who’ve embarked on the #30DaysSelfLove journey and created an inspiring book of their mini-memoirs. She also created a 30 Days Self Love app for anyone who wants to start the self-love journey either privately or publicly.

It’s inspiring to hear she’s still spending time and energy spreading the word of self-love, especially in Hollywood. We all know how hard this town can be. If you’re struggling in showbiz, listen up. Sarah’s key to getting through the hard days and rejection is by focusing on self-love.

Check out my follow up interview with her below to hear more:

PPLA: What new developments have come about for #30DaysSelfLove since we last spoke to you?

SK: Since we last spoke, the movement has really taken off on an international scale and I was inspired to create an app, which I look at as a safe haven for people to go to and do their self-love work. The app is designed for everyone and anyone who wants to do the work. They have the choice to keep it private or public. Along with the app I put together a collection of inspirational stories/mini-memoirs from 30 different people who completed the 30 Days Self Love Challenge. Each chapter is made up of a short highlight of those people’s journeys, which is meant to help inspire others to dive in and complete the 30 Days Self Love challenge.

PPLA: What inspired you to create a book and an app?

SK: I was inspired to create the book and the app out of personal intuition. I wanted to find a way for people to do this challenge without difficulty, worry or fear. Sometimes when you post on social media, it can be scary and unsupportive. So, building a community of support and a special place for people to really enjoy and embrace their self-love journey seemed right. The book was something I knew I had to do because these stories were so raw, vulnerable and real. I knew if others shared their journey it would inspire many others to start looking within and start loving who they are.

PPLA: What advice would you give other actors and models who aren’t dealing well with rejection and the difficult Hollywood life?

SK: I would tell them to start going inward. I’d encourage them to find the love and acceptance within themselves because it can be very crucial, especially in this town, when you mostly hear no’s. Some great ways to get through it, besides the 30 Days Self Love Challenge, is to write affirmations out and post throughout your space. Such as, “you are great,” “you are successful,” “I love you and accept you as is.” Keep your head up and start creating yourself. Be your own cheerleader and build a supportive community around you with the same mindset.

PPLA: Are there any big movies, TV shows or projects you’re working on?

SK: Right now my focus has been solely on getting the app and book completed. I am, however, going to jump right into pilot season and keep working on my own personal projects, like my action thriller “Revengeance” and, who knows, their maybe a 30DaysSelfLove show. Wink.

PPLA: Now that’s it’s been almost a year since you started, how has 30 Days Self Love helped you in your career?

SK: 30 Days Self Love has helped me personally and certainly helped in my career. I have more confidence and am less worried about when the next job is coming in. The opportunities and jobs are coming in more regularly because I have changed my thought process on all of it. I am just happier which translates into my work.

PPLA: What’s next for you, as an actress, model and as an inspiration to others?SarahKarges

SK: We will see! I’m open and ready for all opportunities to come my way. I would love travel around the globe speaking about self-love and helping others along their journey. I want to let them know that they can reach their highest potential by first loving and accepting themselves fully.

PPLA: Anything else you want to share with the Press Pass LA readers?

SK: I just want to say thank you for the opportunity and support along the journey and spreading the message of LOVE.