Jan 31, 2012


Ever wonder what it would be like to attend a prestigious awards show and hang out with the actors behind the scenes in the ‘green room’. Well, one of our PPLA correspondents got to do just that this year (quasi-officially)and here is her fun & funny report of how the stars exprience one of the biggest night’s of the awards season.

The Green Room was a happenin’ place, with celebs milling in and out of it all day, but a few celebrity couples rarely left the cushy couches, watching the SAG Awards on the screen instead. Here are some tidbits on how you’re favorite stars experienced the show:

Diane Lane and Josh Brolin both claimed to be sick (though they looked gorgeous), and were happily sipping lemon ginger tea while enjoying the show.

Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgewick snagged a comfortable corner. They relaxed and weren’t talking much (paying attention to the show!) even when they were joined by Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied (sans baby). The four were  watching intently and commenting occasionally as you would at home in your living room with friends. It was like their private viewing party.  When the nominees were announced for “Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Comedy Series”, Portman smiled at Eric Stonestreet’s close-up on the screen and said to her couch compatriots, “I can’t believe he’s straight!” Everyone just sort of stared…until she added, “Because he’s just so good!” Something we’ve all been thinking!

Michelle Williams and Busy Phillips came through a few times, holding hands like eighth grade girls on the playground. The blonde besties were inseparable all night, it seemed. Perhaps, Williams needed the wingwoman as she could barely take a step without another celeb telling her how amazing she was in My Week With Marilyn (and she was!). Regina King complimented her and she blushed and shyly thanked her. At a show whose point is for actors to praise other actors, Williams showed humility despite her anything but humble performance.

Armie Hammer and wife Elizabeth Chambers came in and out, talking to everyone. Kathy Bates strolled through and said, “Armie Hammer! I love your work!” and Hammer was so excited that he ran back to brag to a friend. So yes, even stars get star-struck by other stars!

Hammer then met Zoe Saldana for the first time, who introduced herself by saying, “Hi, I think we’re presenting together.” The two chatted for a good thirty minutes, so that by the time they did present, they had some true rapport. You’d be hard-pressed to find a viewer at home who thought otherwise. Hammer later wedged himself into the Portman-Millipied-Bacon-Sedgewick couch, but he was too gregarious to stay for long.

Ed Helms came through to grab some snacks around the same time as Betty White was talking to Mary Tyler Moore. (Could it get any more classic than that duo!) “That’s Betty White over there!” Helms whisper-screamed rivaling Hammer’s earlier excitement.

Before going onstage, George Clooney sauntered into the Green Room wielding Stacey Keibler on his arm like an accessory. The two looked stunning! Clooney began talking to Don Cheadle and  Keibler conversed with  Shailene Woodley, Clooney’s 20-year-old co-star in The Descendents, the film for which he is nominated.

Meryl Streep swept through the room like royalty (deservedly so), not stopping much to chat, as did the cast of Bridesmaids and Emma Stone. I almost dropped my finger food with excitement at all these talented ladies!

Owen Wilson sat down for a bit to watch the awards, as did Tina Fey. And perhaps the most funny green room moment came when Glenn Close’s husband David Shaw thoughtfully brought his wife something to eat. He brushed by me and grabbed her an endive snack but when he offered it to her she declined.  So he ate it and instead brought her a strawberry. “Strawberry?” He offered? “No.” She smiled, then grabbed a piece of celery. After all, there was a whole meal waiting in the Shrine Auditorium!

Too bad the Governor’s Ball wouldn’t let me be a fly on the wall too…There’s always next year!

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