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Aug 20, 2020

Selena + Chef on HBO Max Is The Unexpected Cooking Show We All Needed.

Selena Gomez can add tv show host and chef to her resume now. Selena + Chef takes viewers on a how to of professional cooking at home.

Image Still Courtesy of HBO Max

With so many of us quarantining safely at home, you might not be able to tear away from Selena’s new show. We love how accessible she is making high end cooking. Lets be honest, how many times have you watched a fancy chef on the cooking network and been overwhelmed by all the how to’s they look make so easy? Selena Gomez’s show is great because she’s a regular person, which gives you the ability to learn as you go. We know all of you are actually just fiending for her kitchen knives. you can actually buy them here and surprise, they are affordable.

You’ll find the first four episodes of Selena + Chef on HBO Max now, with new episodes dropping every Thursday moving forward. This is the kind of reality tv we’ve been waiting for.