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Aug 20, 2015


Press Pass LA caught up with songstress Shanee Pink to talk about her new release Twin Flame, out Aug. 28th, 2015.

Although most commonly recognized as one half of neo-folk duo Pink & Noseworthy, Pink is now making a mark with her solo career. Her last EP, Spreading In The Light, was co-produced by herself and Daniel Wright of Song Preservation Society and was released on North Street Records.

Spreading In The Light alternates between folk and electronic pop, with a clear foray into classic rock as well. With vocals that convey soft vulnerability, Pink evokes Jenny Lewis, while forbearers like Debbie Harry can be attributed for ingraining a strong female perspective.

It is with much anticipation that her new EP Twin Flame arrives soon. The new album marks a different direction for the artist, one that blends genres in ways fans both old and new will love.

PPLA: Your new EP Twin Flame has a bit more of a electronic pop feel to it than Spreading The Light – how was the experience of writing this record different / how do you feel your music is evolving?

Shanee Pink: First off, I worked with different producers on this record. So something more electronic and vibrant came out – which was my intention and the reason I decided to work with Johnny What and Farm. I wanted to write something that people might dance to. I wanted to find a way to fuse my writing with something fun.

PPLA: Locally, you help curate and participate in The Laurel Canyon Music Revival – can you detail a little about these nights / how (if) it has influenced you as an artist?

Shanee Pink: The intention I had with starting The LCMR was to have a closer connection to other local musicians. I wanted to have a sense of community and form relationships with other artists so we could share our music with each other, talk about our struggles with the industry, and maybe learn something from each other. Which eventually led me to strive to write better music because I was surrounded by such talented people. Bands and artists like Russian Red, Bedowin (Azniv  Korkejian), Clinton Patterson, Lonesome Leash, who all played at The LCMR’s pushed me to work harder just because they inspired me so much.

PPLA: What does the next few months look like in terms of supporting this release – can we expect more local shows?

Shanee Pink: I have a big album release party at the end of August and another LCMR in September. I always play local shows that pop up in the city last minute and post about them on my social media. Later in the fall I plan to go play some music in Tel Aviv and maybe even pop over to some cities in Europe for some shows.

PPLA:  In 5 words or less, how would you best describe Twin Flame?

Shanee Pink: Salve for the lovesick.

PPLA: Currently, which track is your favorite on Twin Flame and why?

Shanee Pink: “Howl” is my favorite track at the moment. Because of the notion behind it. It isn’t a typical love song. I’m howling in the song for people to wake up and connect with each other on a deeper level. People don’t talk to each other on the streets here. There’s a deeply imbedded cautionary attitude towards “strangers” in America and in LA especially and I think we just have to remember how good it feels to know your neighbors, and the people you see everyday in your neighborhood.  It makes life so much better.

PPLA: The EP has this gorgeous vocal layering throughout, most notably on tracks like Someone You Love – was this sound something you knew you were aiming for before the studio or something that sort of developed with production?

Shanee Pink: We weren’t aiming for it. It’s just something that we tried out, and it sounded nice, so we kept it in that way. I’m glad it sounds good to you.

PPLA: For someone who has never heard your music before – what is the one thing you would hope they took away from Twin Flame?

Shanee Pink: I hope that it plays on your heart strings and makes you feel alive even for just a moment.

PPLA: Feel free to add any fun tid bits you’d like the readers of Press Pass LA to know!

Shanee Pink: Please check out the artists music whom I’ve mentioned above. There are so many talented independent artists out there to discover!

Check out Shanee Pink’s track “Brutal Heart” from her new EP Twin Flame and catch her live in LA!

Written by: Tara Schroetter