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Jul 2, 2015


What better way to kick off 4th of July weekend than with a hilarious “Shark Week” themed playlist for Rdio by none other than “Sharknado 3” star Ian Ziering.

Shark Week officially kicks off on Sunday, 7/5 so this playlist is on point! Not to mention everyone’s irrational fear of sharks on summer holiday weekends (thanks “Jaws”)

The playlist includes tracks like ‘Swim Good’ by Frank Ocean, ‘Maneater’ from Nelly Furtado, ‘Shark Attack’ by Group Love and much more! Here’s the full track list and you can play the tracks above.  Sharknado 3 airs on Syfy July 22nd.  For your full week of shark-themed programming tune in to Shark Week on Discovery Channel.

Ian Ziering – Shark Week Playlist on Rdio.
1. Shark Attack – Group Love
2. Shark in the Water – V V Brown
3. Swim Good – Frank Ocean
4. Swim – Surfer Bloodsharknado3
5. Fins – Jimmy Buffett
6. With the Fishes – French Kicks
7. Swimming – Little Dragon
8. Shark Simple – The Rawkers
9. Maneater – Nelly Furtado
10. Food Chain – Eric Hutchinson
11. Red Water – Rehab
12. Deep Blue Sea – Grizzly Bear
13. Tidal Wave – Owl City
14. Ocean Breathes Salty – Modest Mouse
15. Teeth – Lady Gaga