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Jan 10, 2019

Why You Shouldn’t be Sleeping on You, Now on Netflix!

Penn Badgley’s character Joe is his Gossip Girl character gone rouge. Still a creeper….You is one show you HAVE to be watching, you won’t be able to tear your eyes away. 

Who doesn’t have curtains in NYC? Who raised you!? After bingeing this series we’re seriously considering burning our iPhones to a crisp, triple security locking all our passwords and giving serious side eye to any and all potential suitors. Wait, what are we talking about? Alright well, buckle up for this wild synopsis.

First of all we’re obsessed with Peach Salinger (Shay Mitchell) we’re here for her!  Peach Salinger refuses to use nicknames just because, and yes she’s a Salinger as in Catcher in the Rye, Salinger. Loaded and obviously the girl we all love to hate she’s the only one whose truly on to Joe’s creeper ways. Speaking of Joe, we can’t get over how creepy this bingetastic show has made Penn Badgley. Apparently the season premiered on Lifetime, but whose watching that? We lost ourselves in it once it popped up on Netflix, and frankly we’re surprised the streaming giant didn’t nab this title for themselves in the first place. Seems more up their alley, but Lifetime does have a history of campy Christmas movies or dudes who murder women so…

Right back to the plot (without spoilers). The whole idea of this thriller is “What would you do for love”. Umm we check NONE of the boxes in this insane Gerg Berlanti produced limited series. The lead character Beck (Elizabeth Lail) is whiny and rather annoying. We don’t know any woman who needs a brand new guy in her life to help her as much as she lets Joe in, but we digress. The synopsis goes a little something like this: A clever bookstore manager relies on his savvy Internet know-how to make the woman of his dreams fall in love with him….yeah but it goes WRONG. Oh so wrong. Season one ends and you don’t even know who to root for anymore. The stress of someone getting away with the deeds Joe has done in season one alone will leave your bitting your nails to the quick. Give it a binge. Get back to us. We’re dying to discuss. Also season two will be streamed exclusively on Netflix as they’ve picked it up as an original series. Our only note, is hurry up already!