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Aug 5, 2013


Showtime’s Ray Donovan has only been airing for a few weeks and its’ already one of television’s most-buzzed about shows! The stars were all lined up for Ambyr Childers when she was cast on the drama that follows Ray Donovan (Liev Schreiber) , a professional “fixer” for the rich and famous in Los Angeles, who can make anyone’s problems disappear except for those in his own family.

Childers plays the mischievous Ashley- an ex-Disney star who becomes emancipated thanks to Ray and whose ‘thanks’ ultimately leads her to become his mistress! In a recent interview, Childers, who also starred in the critically acclaimed Paul Thomas Anderson film, The Master,  shared how much she is enjoying her role that has her portraying “crazy Hollywood”, why she thinks Ray has fallen for Ashley and much more!

PPLA: What is it like for you starring on Ray Donovan?

AC: It’s a very exciting start. I haven’t done a lot of television so I think I’ve been pretty lucky to be working with Ann Biderman (creator) and Liev Schreiber. It’s an exciting show. I’ve been very fortunate in my career to continue to work with really great actors and great directors and now on Showtime.

PPLA: Tell me about your role of Ashley-I know you that play Ray’s mistress who is presumed to be causing some damage to his marriage.

AC:  I become somewhat of his mistress as well as someone that just keeps poking at him and bothering him. And it’s actually really funny because Ray comes off as such a strong guy and here he has this storyline of where he intimately keeps continuing to fall for Ashley. You don’t really understand why and I think that will be revealed more in the second season. But she’s his outlet; whether it’s a good outlet or a bad outlet, he’s going to turn to her when he needs to vent.

PPLA: So you think there is really a connection there with them that will continue to evolve?

AC: Yes, I believe so. I’m not really sure what Ann has in store for the second season but I know Ashley is going to continue to be there.

PPLA: What are you most enjoying about Ashley?

AC: How crazy she is! She really is so crazy and it’s so fun to play crazy. I’ve never really played crazy like this. I think I’ve played all types of characters from period to bitchy, but she really is the definition of Hollywood crazy. It’s fun! I really, really enjoyed it. I think she’s just one of the people in LA that continue to try to get better, and try to get sober and work through her family issues, but she’s just so broken and she’s going to continue to make mistakes now that Ray is back in her life.

PPLA: How do you get into that mind-set with her because you say she’s so crazy?

AC:  I think, unfortunately, I’ve been able to see over the years some really great actresses fall off the path and I think she’s just one of those girls that just had fame so young and now she’s become so broken. She’s in and out of rehab. I think she’s just really trying to get back on the right path and she just keeps missing. She keeps jumping on the rock.

PPLA: I know you have had various roles prior to this in film, and like you said you have worked with great directors and great actors, is there one acting experience you would say has been the most enriching for you as an actress? One you grew the most from?

AC:  I would say probably The Master and Ray Donovan. They’re obviously two completely different characters but just working with Paul Thomas Anderson was I think a dream come true for any actor. He really is extraordinary; that’s why he’s the best. Any actor would work for him. In terms of Ray Donovan, just physically, I think this character has been the most challenging for me. In terms of who she is and finding what makes her tick. And just doing television in general has been a great rewarding experience for me.

PPLA: Do you find that being a mom has changed you at all as an actress?

AC: Oh, of course! I think any actor would say that, whether it’s the mother or the father, having kids kind of redefines you and my daughter has definitely taught me a lot. And she’s my pride and joy. Your love meter goes from somewhat full to over-filling everyday. Kids really put things in perspective everyday in life. And I’m very, very, very grateful for my daughter. And I have a husband who is so supportive of my career and the roles that I choose to take on so to speak.

PPLA: If you could go back in time and spend a day in the life of anyone from history, play that role sort of speak, who would it be and why?

AC: I think Anne Frank is pretty amazing. Obviously, I would never want to experience what she went through. Any of the first ladies an amazing choice. They have such an influence behind such powerful men that shaped our country back in the day. Lincoln’s wife, especially. People like that would be really interesting. They may have not had the easiest life but their experiences definitely are worth re-living.

PPLA: Anything else you have coming up?

AC: I have a movie We Are What We Are coming out in September in Los Angeles and New York. I’m really proud of that movie.