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Sep 16, 2019

Skintight at The Geffen Playhouse Review

Idina Menzel is back in a brand new play debuting at The Geffen Playhouse, Skintight.

From left, Harry Groener, Eli Gelb, and Idina Menzel star in “Skintight” at the Geffen Playhouse. (Photo by Chris Whitaker)

Skintight is a hard play to watch. But, thats not beacause of bad writing of performances, it’s the opposite infact. The writing will leave you with chills as it slithers under your skin. Staring at love in the face while it’s been discarded for lust, is a dark lesson Skintight endeavors to teach audiences.

The play opens with a distraught Jodi ( Idina Menzel) over the newly minted future wife of her ex-husband. The young twenty something, with fake tits, and fake hair replacing the 25 year life she has built for her and her family. Alone at her fathers she unloads her woe’s only to have her family life further turned on it’s head. As the family enters and we take a look into a dark family dynamic, we realize this is a family drama. But unlike hearfelt family drama with whimsical aunts, and fighting siblings, Skintight takes a darker look at the hard truths that give way for people’s bad decisions. Why throw away a life for something new? In an age where you can purchse anything, we walked out of Skintight a bit gutted to realize that yes, love is infact for sale now. This is one play you absolutely must put on your radar. The entire cast is fantastic, but the script alone deserves an award. Tickets are on sale and available from $35-$130 now.