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Jun 25, 2020

Skypod, a Digital Time Capsule Company, Donates $3 Million in Skypods to First Responders, Doctors, Nurses, and More Amid Covid-19 Crisis

In response to the coronavirus emergency, Skypod, a Digital Time Capsule Company, Donates $3 Million in Skypods to First Responders, Doctors, Nurses, and anyone ill from the coronavirus virus Amid Covid-19 Crisis.

Skypod, founded by CEO Richard Jardine, is a safe, secure, encrypted digital time capsule that can deliver memories and messages to loved ones both during, and after life. The time-released videos and photos are a way for those facing the challenges ahead to ensure their loved ones will receive personal messages no matter what happens amid the global COVID-19 crisis. Amid this unprecedented crisis, many people are seeking a sense of security and peace of mind in the event of COVID-19 pandemic. For those who have ever wished they could leave a message to someone to be opened later, Skypod could be the answer.

Skypod is offering 30,000 first responders, healthcare workers and their patients an opportunity to sign up for a new account at 

Skypod founder and CEO Richard Jardine and family

Each account will receive $50 to be used to create Skypods for their family and friends (Skypods start at $1.99). No credit card is needed, no strings attached. The free credits will allow the recipient of the donation to send multiple Skypod digital time capsule messages to loved ones.