Mar 13, 2012


This Monday the Sunset Strip celebrated its history both past and present with the launch of Gibson’s GuitarTown 2012. Originally launched in 2010, the event features more than 25 unique 10-foot tall fiberglass guitars strategically placed on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood.

Nine new guitars were unveiled this Monday featuring tributes to everyone from the Black Eyes Peas to Buffalo Springfield. The truly masterful artwork on each guitar proved the level of passion the artists had for their subjects. Currently on display at the Hornburg dealership in West Hollywood, the larger than life guitars amplify the message and impact each artist had on the world.

At its core, the night was about giving back to the community. That is why legendary Guns n’ Roses guitarist Slash was on hand to give a $27,180 dollar check, the proceeds from last year’s GuitarTown auction, to the Los Angeles Youth Network.

The event brought out philanthropists from all over the Los Angeles community including mayor-elect Jeff Prang and other prominent socialites. An ongoing effort, Gibson’s GuitarTown movement has found a way to actively give back to the community that has made rock n’ roll what it is today.

To learn more, visit Gibson Guitartown Sunset Strip.