Apr 8, 2012


Shawn Crahan, better known as ‘Clown’ in multi-platinum, grammy-winning metal band Slipknot, spoke to Press Pass LA about his acting role in new film The Devil’s Carnival, his photography book, production company, and a future Slipknot Record. Check out our Q & A.

PPLA: Tell me a bit about your role as ‘The Tamer’ in The Devil’s Carnival. How is it different from playing the role of Clown in Slipknot, if in fact that is a role you consider yourself ‘playing’?

CLOWN: It’s definitely not a role. The clown in Slipknot isn’t a role because it’s me, you know. As far as ‘The Tamer’ goes, I am the enforcer of hell. If you see me it means I’ve been summoned. If you don’t see me, it means that I’m regulating in Hell, but I pretty much get summoned by the Devil. It’s a good place to be! I got the Devil’s back- not that he needs any help because he doesn’t- but there are specific reasons why he calls upon me mainly to enforce and it’s completely off the scale of what I do obviously. It’s completely different but yet the same. I haven’t seen the film yet. I purposely waited until today to check it out. I went online like everyone else to check out the trailers and stuff and here I am. I’m super stoked and nervous as hell. I’m usually on the end of controlling the art, but there’s not more of a gentleman than Darren (Director Darren Bousman) that I would give my trust to. I was part of Repo! (Darren’s previous film). I worked musically on Repo! on a song called ‘Night Surgeon’ so it’s been kind of an ongoing thought process. I’m so excited.

PPLA: What can we expect coming up next for you? You have a lot of things going on between your photography book, your production company, and Slipknot?

CLOWN: I’ve got a medium format polaroid book coming out June 19 on MTV Books. It’s been eleven years in the making. I’m very excited to give my vision, my pain, my anxiety, my panic, my despair to the world. It’s coming out right before Mayhem Festival. I just opened a film production company with Corey Taylor called Living Breathing Films. Submit your treatments, your scripts, whatever your vision, we want to work with people that are sick! That’s pretty much what I have going on right now plus playing at Mayhem. Slipknot is going to finalize the thought process of losing our best friend who’s not with us anymore, Paul Gray (the band’s bassist and founder who died in May 2010). We will bring it back to American kids. We’re pretty much going to kill ourselves and wrap up that thought process… it’s different for everybody. Then we’re going to take some time off then come back and write another record.

PPLA: So you think another Slipknot record is going to happen?

CLOWN: Absolutely. Can I forsee it, can I predict it? I’m not a fortune-teller…do we want to do it? Yes. Are we going to? Yes. Absolutely, no if’s, what’s, or buts!

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