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Jan 10, 2012


Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi of MTV’s hit show Jersey Shore was in Los Angeles this week to support the launch of her new Supre Tan indoor tanning products, which coincided with the start of the show’s fifth season. The event also kicked off a month long- Tanuary– contest where fans are encouraged to ‘Show Us Your Best Snooki’ and send in photos with her products and your best guido/guidette pose for a chance to win a VIP meet & greet with her at a local salon.

Press Pass LA had the chance to sit down with Snooki (accompanied by Jionni) and find out  what we can expect for the rest of this season. Not to mention, what makes her tanning lotions so special! Supre Tan owner, Bruce West, was also on hand to tell us why Snooki was the perfect celebrity for the job!

Q: Tell me about your inspiration for your new tanning lotion line?

Snooki: Well, obviously I love tanning and I like to have that nice, sexy bronze glow. I’m very excited about my tanning line. And also, if you look at the bottle, it’s just me.  It’s leopard print and you have my favorite colors- pink, gold, black- and I kind of wanted a little bling, bling around (referencing the faux diamond studs around the neck of the bottle). So it’s just like a perfect guidette bottle. So you have the tanning lotion, a moisturizer, and then a maximizer. I always use the maximizer because it tingles, and I like to be really, really dark.

Q: What’s the scent smell like?

Snooki: You can smell it! I wanted it to smell like a perfume. I didn’t want it to smell like regular tanning lotion. I wanted it to be different.

Q: How did the launch of this line come about?

Bruce: Her people reached out to my people and we ended up getting to know each other and we liked each other. I think our personalities were a fit. I’ve been in business a long time, and Nicole is just so passionate about tanning. I just got lucky!

Snooki: Yes, it’s very exciting.

Q: What can we expect coming up on this season of Jersey Shore?  The season just started airing and there is already drama surrounding your relationship with Jionni, between you, Mike ‘The Situation’, and ‘The Unit’.

Snooki: Well, I want to clarify this to everyone that ‘The Unit’ is not a cast member. He’s only been on one episode and that’s it. It’s kind of embarrassing to the rest of us because we’re like, he’s not a cast member! You’re going to see me and Mike’s relationship progress, whether it be good or bad, and that’s about it. Just a lot of drama and partying! It’s good to be back in Seaside.

Q: Do you miss Italy at all?

Snooki: No I don’t! Not at all, I like the states so I’m going to stay here.

Q: Do you know if there will be a next season and if it will stay in New Jersey or be shot elsewhere?

Snooki: We don’t even know if we are doing another season yet, so I can’t tell you. But we’ll see.

Q: You’ve been out in Los Angeles a lot lately and this week is awards season, any fun plans or predictions for the awards?

Snooki: Well, I’ve been here about a week already this month and I’m kind of ready to just get back home to be honest.

Q: Do you think you and Jionni will ever move out to Los Angeles permanently?

Snooki: No! I’m definitely an east coast girl.

Q: Any celebrities you keep up on?

Snooki: Jay Z and Beyonce are a big deal, and I’ve met Beyonce- she is amazing. She’s so sweet. So I’m very happy for them with their baby news.

Snooki, who looked fabulous, sporting a noticeably thinner frame and her new star tattoo on her shoulder (also colored in a leopard print pattern!) left the crowd with this thought , “Nothing is more depressing than being pale in the winter so Tanuary encourages everyone to keep their tan going. With Supre Tan products, I am confident that all the guidos and guidettes out there will get their tan on this month and look good to avoid the winter blues. I can’t wait to start checking out the photos and sharing Tanuary Tanning Tips with everyone!”

One thing is clear, this guidette is here to stay and her empire is expanding quickly. I think everyone can ‘fist pump’ to that.