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Feb 25, 2016


Soap Opera Digest celebrated their 40th anniversary bringing together past and present stars of all the daytime shows at The Argyle in Hollywood. Soap Opera Digest is the number one soap magazine providing the inside scoop, breaking news and interviews for thousands of viewers. This event was soap heaven with all of our favorites gracing the red carpet.

Many of the stars reflected on their first feature in Soap Opera Digest and what it means to still be working in daytime television. “This is so special, celebrating 40 years,” said Melissa Claire Eagan (Y&R). “Soap Opera Digest has been so good to me and the shows I’ve been on,” she continued.

The night was a reunion for some and more like hanging with friends for others, but the consensus was everyone was shouting out Stephanie Sloane’s name, Editorial Director of SOP.

You had the veterans like Obba Babatunde talk about why they still love being on the soaps to the newcomers who were excited to talk about their first time on set. “Every single day I come down those halls I’m thrilled and honored. You know why? Because I get an opportunity to tell the story that represents someone’s life that someone around the world that may never have an opportunity to meet me or you,” said Babatunde as he speaks of his more than four and half decade career. The creator of The Bay, Gregory J. Martin, could remember his first day clearly. “It was surreal for me because I grew up watching soaps,” he said. “To see all those icons in one room was great. Like, wow, this is amazing. This is exactly what I imagined the show would be,” Martin said.

The industry has changed a lot for many of us who watched in our living rooms along with our moms and siblings. Many actors noted the budget cuts and longer days of filming were the major differences. Their love for the industry is what keeps them coming back. Not to mention the very interesting story lines they end up playing. Vincent Irizarry (All My Children) says his favorite story line was “Probably about a baby I thought was mine. I thought the baby was mine for a long time and then I found out it wasn’t. It was emotional and intense.” That sounds about right. According to Patrika Darbo (Days of Our Lives) playing her character Nancy Wesley has taught her something about herself. She says leaning in with a grin, “I can be a real good bitch, and it’s good being the bitch.”

I can’t see the soaps going anywhere anytime soon. Here’s to the next 40 years!

Written by: Joresa Blount