Jun 6, 2011


When I heard that ABC Daytime announced two well-known soap operas were being cancelled, I had empathy for all those viewers that had stuck with these shows year after year. I myself watch soaps and my heart goes out to them. To those loyal viewers, the characters in the show are people they have come to know and either love and/or love to hate. Now, those so-called friends will be cancelled after decades of being on the air.

These two shows are none other than ABC’s One Life to Live and All My Children.  AMC began in January of 1970 and will end in September of 2011, and OLTL started in July of 1968, just two years earlier, and will end in January of 2012. These shows have served viewers side by side for more than forty years and it almost seems fitting that they would end at nearly the same time.  Just like the plot of a tragic love story…ring any bells?  However, this just goes to show that times are changing and so is the face of television. To replace their time slots, two new reality shows will slip right in- The Chew, a food themed show, and The Revolution, a health & lifestyle show.

One thing remains consistent in entertainment, money talks.  Hoover, the vacuum maker, voiced their frustration about these two cancelled shows by pulling their ads from the ABC network. The company even set up an email account, [email protected], to rally for their savior.  If you watch and love these soaps, then reach out.  I guess my question is, even with all this support, do you think these soaps can be saved?  Or must all good things come to an end.