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Jan 6, 2014


PPLA is always on the hunt for the best new music. Enter Mike Weiss!  This band has played at Hollywood hotspots ranging from The Roosevelt Hotel and House of Blues to Genghis Cohen and Molly Malone’s.

The band consists of: Ian Martin (bass), Oscar Seaton (drums), Kris Hawkins (lead guitar), Sam Barsh (keyboard), and of course Mike Weiss  (rhythm guitar, drums, piano, ukulele and lead vocals!)

We sat down with Mike to find out more!

PPLA: What were your first experiences in music?

MW: My parents were the best and they took me to a lot of concerts like Tom Jones, Frankie Valli, The Beach Boys and The Temptations, all while getting lessons in multiple instruments.

PPLA: What instruments do you play?

MW: I play guitar, drums, piano, ukulele, the kazoo, cowbell, and I play a little saxophone, and clarinet. (Is a cowbell joke acceptable?)

PPLA: What artists and bands inspire you the most?

MW: I’m inspired by these new bands who do what they want to do and are being rewarded for sticking to their vision, like Alt-J or Vampire Weekend. Anyone who writes their own music I respect, and they usually inspire me to keep on doing what I’m doing as well.

PPLA: What are some of your high points as a musician?

MW: Playing at The Hotel Cafe was one of my favorite nights and it solidified my view that no matter what, I want to sing. Any night that I’m out on a stage singing is a high point as a musician to me.

PPLA: What are your low points?

MW: I wouldn’t consider anything I’ve done in music as a low point because I’m doing what I love, so it’s all gravy. I could be guitar in-hand playing to one person anywhere and as long as they “got it” and I know I put my best out there I’m happy as can be!

PPLA: What influences you outside of the music industry?

MW: I’m not really a “nature lover” but I think our planet is a really amazing place to live and I think we take it for granted sometimes so I try to talk about it in my music. Along with that I am also influenced by the luxuries it affords us like finding/losing love, enjoying the ocean or just seeing the sun rise and set.

PPLA: What do you hope is your next accomplishment?

MW: I have been lucky enough to play a lot of the greatest venues Los Angeles has to offer, but I would love to travel and do more shows in other cities and countries. That would be quite the accomplishment for me to do touring In Asia or somewhere that I can gauge what different cultures like In music.

PPLA: What would you like to do in the future?

MW: I would love to produce other artists and help them find and write the sound they need to be successful. I haven’t really had that for my own career as far as guidance so if I could fulfill that for someone else one day it would make me happy.

PPLA: Whose artistic career would you like to model yourself after?

MW: I would love be like Billy Joel. His writing, his performance and his skill on piano are all amazing but what’s impressive is he has showed an ability to make music that sounded unlike the time he wrote it in yet he always simultaneously kept his music current.

PPLA: What role does your personal life play in your music?

MW: A lot of times they directly relate because as someone once pointed out to me, I’m lucky that I can vent about my personal life through my music. I can even find ways to be positive during a bad time because a song I’m working on is so uplifting that I’m forced to feel that way. Luckily I never encounter the opposite!

PPLA: Tell me what projects you’re working on now.

MW: For the first time I’m recording and producing my own music, so I have all these new songs and full creative freedom to make them into what I think the song is leading me towards (I call it the “let the song write itself” mentality). I’ll be releasing an EP of all new music within a few months as a result of recording these songs at my own studio.MikeWiess

To learn more about Mike Weiss’ music visit:



Reverbnation.com/MikeWeiss iTunes

Where you might have seen Mike play:

The Mint, The House of Blues- Parish and Foundation Rooms, The Hotel Café, The Viper Room, The Roosevelt Hotel, Molly Malone’s, LA Genghis Cohen