Television, What to Watch
Apr 1, 2012



It’s that time again! The networks unveil their sauciest dramas and their wackiest comedies and you don’t know what the heck to Tivo. Here’s a preview of what we think is worth a look at hot new shows…And if we’re wrong, well, good thing your not using an old-school VCR!


Premieres February 6th (early Spring?)

The show stars Debra Messing, Anjelica Huston, Katherine McPhee, and Megan Hilty. The drama follows what it takes to make a Marilyn Monroe-based Broadway musical. It’s a more mature Glee, with a real look at a tough as nails industry. With a cast like that, how bad could it be?


Premieres March 4th.

Can you say Desperate Housewives set in the south? At least, that’s the mind association I get at a quick glance. Different plot, same back-stabbing girlie fun! Starring the ridiculously talented Kristin Chenoweth (Broadway, film, & TV star whose last prime-time turn in Pushing Daisies left me wanting more!) and standout Leslie Bibb, who plays an ex-mean girl that loses everything and is forced to move back in with her mother in Dallas. Chenoweth plays a girl who was scorned by her in high school and the return is sure to bring the claws out! No southern belles here!


Premieres March 15th.

Ashley Judd returns to show business after a few years away from the spotlight, her choice! But she hasn’t missed a beat. She plays a retired CIA operative who swings into action when her son is kidnapped in Rome. Who doesn’t want to see Ashley kick ass? Think a female Liam Neeson in Taken.


Premieres March 19th

The show stars Kiefer Sutherland. Jack Bauer is back! Well, sort of. After eight seasons of 24, you better believe there was a fan base was waiting for his next gig. In this drama, Sutherland plays widower, Martin Bohm, who is sturggling to commuincate with his emotionally challenged/autistic son (actor, David Mazouz). As it turns out, his son has a special gift of communication. He can predict the future, particularly bad events and it’s up to Bohm to stop them. Like I said, Jack Bauer is back!


Premieres March 1st

Nothing is worse than a bad nightmare that just seems so real! But what if it were? Cop Michael Britton (Jason Isaacs) survives a horrific accident but now he’s trapped in two different realities when he goes to sleep. One in which his wife Hannah (Laure Allen) survived the crash while his son Rex (Dylan Minnette) perishes, and the other…well, just the opposite. Enough to make anyone want to be an insomniac? If you’re awake, you might as well be watching!


Premieres  March 21st

Amanda Peet makes her TV return alongside David Walton in this quirky romantic comedy. Peet plays Alex, a recently divorced lawyer who hires Pete (Walton) as her contractor for a kitchen remodel.  Pete is trying to put aside his past promiscuous ways and Alex is trying to rebuild life for her kids. The two are trying to play life by the rules, rules which are clearly about to get bent!

Magic City

Premieres March 30th

Why should HBO have all the fun? Starz gets our other nod for new cable show in bringing us this period contender (think the newest rival to Boardwalk Empire and Mad Men). It is 1959 and we find ourselves in the magic city of Miami at the hieght of gambling and prostituion, not to mention power for Fidel Castro in just-across-the-way Cuba. Jeffrey Dean Morgan (hunky heart patient who came to fame in Grey’s Anatomy) plays Steven Strait who makes a deal with the devil, mob boss Ben “The Butcher” Diamond (Dan Huston) in order to realize his dream of opening the Miramar Playa Hotel. But a deal with the mob is anything but on the straight and narrow!

Don’t Trust the B&$%* in Apartment 23

Premieres April 4th.

Dawson is back! Well, sort of…did we use that hook already? But James Van Der Beek is back and he uses his teen idol self as a ploy to get his current self laid in this crazy new sitcom about bad behavior! He is also the best and possibly only friend of the female lead, a scheming roommate from hell, played by Krysten Ritter who’s main goal is to scam those less crafty than her…starting with her new roommie (Dreama Walker from The Good Wife).

Best Friends Forever

Premieres April 4th

Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham created the series in which they star as Jessica Black & Lennon White respectively. When Jessica is served divorce papers by her cheating husband just before their third anniversary, she finds herself needing the comfort of her best friend. Before you know it, it’s Three’s Company and the third wheel is Jessica’s boyfriend Joe (Lukas Jones). This quirky comedy about life, love, and friendship is sure to have the current generation saying “Come and knock on our door…”


Premieres April 5th

Is it me or are these loglines getting more scandalous! Kerry Washington plays D.C. crisis manager Olivia Pope. She used to work for the President (Tony Goldwyn), I mean White House (the President just caught her eye!) and now has a team that can tackle any PR problem. She is the best, hands down, and relies on her gut to make quick judgement calls. But for all her confidence, our heroine has a past. No in politics is without a scandal!

The Client List

Premieres April 8th

Jennifer Love Hewitt reprises her role as Riley (which won her a Golden Globe in the TV movie by the same name), a recently deserted Texas housewife who starts a massage parlor that secretly offers sexual favors. Missed the film? Don’t worry, the Lifetimes series has the same premise but is not a direct continuation of the story. I’m thinking a female Hung. The posters of JLH alone have most of us guaranteed to watch!

NYC 22

Premieres April 15th

I know what you’re thinking, another cop show! But this one is produced by Robert De Niro and is about rookies in the 22nd Precinct. The shows stars Leelee Sobieski and Adam Goldberg. You read the words De Niro right? Plus. who doesn’t love to root for an underdog in uniform. Bring it on newbies!


Premieres April 15th

Somewhere between Gossip Girl and Sex & the City, HBO brings us this take on a group of  twenty-somethings making their way in the Big Apple. The series stars Lena Dunham (Tiny Furniture) and is produced by Judd Appatow so you better believe it will be a push-the-envelope comedy about friendship. Who doesn’t love a guilty pleasure?


Premieres April 22nd

HBO is known for it’s hits and we expect Veep to be no different. Julia Louis-Dreyfus is the Vice-President. Yes you read that right, a women is second in command so you know it’s gotta be good. It’s a realistic take on Washington. Think The Office…just running the free world. It is sure to be funny and we can not wait!

So start proramming that Tivo, DVR, or setting the date and time on the VCR (really, get with the times people!) and get ready to fall in love with your new favorite shows!