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Aug 20, 2012


I was completely blown away by getting the chance to speak with one of the best new age metal bands, Dead Sara, during the Sunset Strip Music Festival. Anyone who saw their performance this Saturday will understand why!

In 2008, the band released their first EP, The Airport Sessions and soon gained tremendous popularity. Dead Sara consists of Emily Armstrong on vocals and guitar, Siouxsie Medley on guitar and vocals, Sean Friday on drums,  and Chris Null on bass.

Together, they all form this amazing vibration of dynamic rock and metal. Emily Armstrong, who has been singing and songwriting since the age of fifteen, has gained fame for her amazing vocal skills and monstrous sound. She has been rightfully compared to Stevie Nicks and Janis Joplin.

Dead Sara has a very classical rock sound. Their music is a mixture of the sounds of Jimmy Page and Robert Plant. There is also a twist of heavy metal and blues incorporated in their music. The band is known for their high voltage and extremely powerful performances. They rocked the stage at their January performance at The Troubadour in Los Angeles and the city was awaiting their return.  Dead Sara opened the entire Sunset Music Festival and talking to them it was clear they were equally humbled and excited about this situation.

I was able to sit down with the band at The Viper Room just minutes before their performance. This is what lead singer Emily Armstrong and the band had to say!

PPLA: What are the roots of how you guys met?

DEAD SARA: Siouxsie and I (Emily) met 8 years ago through a mutual friend. Then a year later, I discovered that she played guitar and we started jamming together. We have had friends of ours come and go who all helped us get started and play shows together. Things were exciting and things were not- there are always ups and downs. Then three and a half years ago our friends Chris and Sean decided to help out. Soon after we officially formed and completed a record.

PPLA: What are you currently working on and how are your albums different from one another?

DEAD SARA: We had an EP and we had some good demo’s. This is our first real record- our own record. It is called Pocket Kid Records and it is distributed by Fontana. We are not really working on much right now. We have been too busy on a lot of tours. We go on tour with the The Offspring next. We are also headed to the U.K. Touring is very inspiring. (hinting this inspiration might lead to a next album soon!)

PPLA: Why do you want to make music?

DEAD SARA: Music is a form of therapy. If it is done right, it inspires people to do things and to change something. Not necessarily to go play music, but to do things. ‘Doing more’ is what we get from music. We would like to emulate and carry the message we have to an audience.

PPLA: What are your musical influences?

DEAD SARA: All the genres and everyone’s versions and other people’s versions of life. I (Siouxsie) would like to emulate and carry the message I have to an audience.

PPLA: What do you think of Sunset Strip Music festival?

DEAD SARA: This our first time playing the main stage. We are super excited to be here. We have a huge fan base here because we are from L.A. and it feels good to be home.

Up next for the band? They go on tour with The Offspring and The Neon Trees, kicking off August 31st. For more information visit Dead Sara. Like us on Facebook for  more exclusive PPLA photos of the band performing.