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Mar 6, 2014


It seems like everywhere you turn lately, the Stafford Brothers- the hottest DJs at the turntable- are there! Press Pass LA first caught up with Australia’s #1 DJ at at Greystone Manor and then Create Nightclub in Hollywood and most recently at the Fame And Philanthropy Oscars after-party in Beverly Hills.

In our latest interview, we chatted about their upcoming North American Tour, their new track “This Girl” and making the Top 100 DJ’s in the World List.

PPLA: How excited are you about the 22-date North American tour?

SB: Pumped! There seems to be even more shows, they just keep getting added.

PPLA: Do you feel any pressure touring North America for the first time on your own?

SB: Not at all, we just like to get out there and have a good time.

PPLA: You guys recently released your new track “This Girl” with the gorgeous Eva Simmons at the intermix & MTV party, how did the collaboration come about?

SB: We actually met through her boyfriend in Vegas partying. We then had a track we thought she would be perfect on, sent it across and she agreed so it all came together.

PPLA: When can fans expect visuals for the amazing song?

SB: We filmed some of the clip at that party. Hopefully within the next 6 – 8 weeks the clip will be ready.

PPLA: Since we last interviewed you guys, you made it into the Top 100 DJ’s in the world coming in at #90. That must have been a major moment in your career?

SB: It really was. We have always tried to make the Top 100, and we were blown away to finally make it. Really happy.

PPLA: Have you guys been working on your follow up to “Legends” (Real Madrid)?

SB: HA! That was a one off track for Real Madrid, would be happy to do it again if they asked us.

PPLA: We heard you guys partied a little hard during your recent video shoot in Studio City . Is TMZ correct in what they’ve been reporting?

SB: We definitely had a kangaroo at our house…..

PPLA: Who are some artists that you would like to work with in the future?

SB: T.I. pharrell, Jay Z, Rhianna, and Donavon Frankereiter.1779692_10152161857238329_1808906061_n

The Stafford Brothers have U.S. Tour dates through June. Visit Follow them @StaffordBros