Jun 14, 2012


The much-discussed “women aren’t funny” myth has finally been busted (thank you again, Bridesmaids), and now female comedy has another outlet on the small screen- StandUp in Stilettos!

In StandUp in Stilettos, a new series premiering on the TV Guide Network this Saturday, hot funnywomen across the country are getting on the mic to prove they’ve got better things to do than stand there and look pretty.

PPLA was lucky enough to attend a taping of the show, hosted by The Office’s own ruby-haired sassmaster, Kate Flannery. Each episode features three different comediennes an intimate comedy-club setting.

The variety of topics that this group of diverse women covers in their routines is proof of the genius in a lady comic’s point of view that our culture has been missing for years. Some acts are recognizable, while others will be soon.

Sarah Tiana of Reno 911 and Lisa Landry, a Comedy Central veteran, both lend a raw, smart southern girl perspective to their hilarity while Landry and Mary Lynn Rajskub (who plays Chloe on 24), discuss the laughable moments of being a mom. Helen Hong gets the audience cackling with her unique description of yoga, but the highlight of it all is Gina Yashere, a regular on The Tonight Show with her own Showtime special, who enumerates the adventures of being a black Londoner in America.

Catch the premiere of StandUp in Stilettos June 16th at 10pm to see the ladies further enforce the statement Matthew Perry made at this year’s Comedy Central Comedy Awards: “This wasn’t the year women finally became funny, this was the year men finally pulled their heads out of their asses.”