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Sep 24, 2021

‘Star Wars: Visions’ Debut’s on Disney+

Star Wars has nine brand new stories to tell you, from the visionary minds of nine of Anime’s greatest studios.

That is correct, Star Wars has gotten an anime makeover in Star Wars: Visions. The only real astonishment is that this took so long to happen. What a dream collaboration. Star Wars: Visions, is an anime-inspired anthology series that hit Disney Plus this past Wednesday. Star Wars creator George Lucas drew heavily from Akira Kurosawa films for the original 1977 movie, this anime vision makes alot of sense. Not to mention how millions of people watched an unofficial TIE Fighter anime short a few years ago…yeah, this needed to happen. It is incredible to see the details in the animations. Each short film contains a ode to big anime’s that have inspired millions across the globe as well. Let us know if you can pick out which anime studios coincide which each short, as they bring the Star Wars universe to life in a brand new light.

Image Still: Disney/Star Wars

Going into it be prepared, each anime short film features a different story and the series is not limited to what has come before it. But, it does set the bar for what could come after. A gem within the Star Wars universe.

Image Still: Disney/ Star Wars

Journey back to Tatooine, beware the Hutts.