Jun 11, 2019

Starz! Renews The Spanish Princess for 8 More Episodes

Starz! Has had smashing success with their Phillippa Gregory series, such as The White Queen, The White Princess, and now The Spanish Princess.

These series span the lives of the Queen’s of England during the War of the Roses and the Tudor reign. The Spanish Princess has been a resounding success both critically and by viewers. In the past Starz! has focused on one specific period of time as the viewers follow the story of their chosen “soon to be” Queen but this time, viewers will be able to see the continuation of Katharine of Aragon who would become Henry the 8th’s Queen. The Spanish Princess focuses on life in the Tudor court, as a recently moved Spanish Royal. Engaged to their crown prince his demise turns Katharine’s fate to the one we all know, would lead to Henry’s many wives. Thankfully for Spain’s Princess, she would be one of the few he would not kill. Instead Henry the 8th went on to break from the Catholic church and create the Church of England, which allows for divorce. How did Katharine manage all of this? What happened to her? We can’t wait for the additional 8 episodes, to shine light on this most interesting piece of history. Check out the trailer below if you haven’t seen the show yet. You are missing out, be sure to report back when you’re all done binge watching.