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Jun 24, 2024

Stella Artois Brings ‘The Bear’s’ ‘Chaos Menu’ to LA 

The brand new season of The Bear is almost here, and we’re basically vibrating with excitment. Whoever had the idea to pair Stella Artois with The Bear for a drink and foodie event celebration for the new season’s release deserves a raise!

The creative minds behind Stella Artois had alot of fun bringing this event to life. One of our favorite touches were the beer steins they personally engraved for each and every guest who braved the line (which there was more than one making it totally do-able). As a gift we were so excited to discover that alongside our personalized stein was also another stein!! Our OCD for everything to match couldn’t have been happier. Well done events team, well done.

Image: Courtesy of Stella Artois

Of course the real draw of the evening was Corey Hendrix who plays Gary “Sweeps” Wood on the show. Corey was such a total gentleman and he had a great time introducing the chef’s who absolutely spoiled us all with their menu. Chef Chris Bianco teamed up with Chef Justin Pichetrungsi for an Italian and Thai fusion inspired menu we didn’t know we were dreaming of, but we were, are, do? We’re obsessed is the bottom line. They kicked off the evening strong with a reimagining of a Sicilian pizza and a hot take on a taco. Picture it now, the chefs and Corey smiling and laughing as we all enjoy a Stella (really) and they present the first course of the evening which included their collaboration of creating a Chinese Sausage Sicilian Pizza followed by a Thai-Italian Crispy Taco. We were immediately smitten. Dinner Diaries mode activated if you will.

If you’re wondering how, let us breakdown the menu from top to bottom for you. The Thai-Italian Crispy Taco consisted of Anajak stir fried beef, Bianco Giardiniera, all tucked into a perfectly crispy taco shell. One of our favorite offerings of the evening was the Chinese Sausage Italian Pizza that boasted mozzarella, Chinese sausage and was topped with Chinese and Thai basil.

The following course was presented to attendees as Surf and Turf Skewers. It was a hard sell to say we had a favorite here. It really just came down to preference. One of the skewers had lobster, shrimp and scallop, while the other came out with beef, pork, and chicken. This description isn’t even doing it justice. These skewers were elite. You’re going to have to take our word for it. The quality was swoon worthy. They also paired this round of foodie offerings with Chef Biano and Chef Pichetrungsi’s take on an Italian Arancini ball. Oh my god. Let us worship the ground they walk on ladies and gentlemen. Suddenly our greatest desire is to be a patron for every episode of The Bear as we pray that all the food is eatable. May the Food Gods take pity and grant our feeble dreams. Back to descriptions. The chefs presented us with Curried Arancini that boasted Parmesan, Thai herbs, red curry powder and of course fish sauce. It was a masterpiece. Every single dish that came out just keep one upping its predecessor and all of them paired great with Stella Artois too. It was such a well thought out menu. Bravo.

Now as all things must come to an end, we’ve come to dessert. We snagged our last bites while waiting in line to get a napkin drawing from the one and only Napkinkilla. While we waited we feasted on dessert which consisted of a Savory Cannoli filled with ricotta, proscuitto, and honey as well as the most fabulous ice cream we’ve ever had. The Chefs really upped ice cream and we didn’t think that was possible outside of new flavors, but it is. The vanilla ice cream was served with Caviar (yes!!) and crumbled Pistachio and now we can never go back to a plain scoop of vanilla for the rest of our days. We are changed.

The event with Stella Artois has above and beyond got us ready for the new season of The Bear. As well as some menu ideas to celebrate the premiere. Stella and Caviar with our ice cream? Yes please.

Image: Courtesy of Stella Artois

Stella Atrois fans, if you couldn’t make the LA event here are other fun ways to be involved with The Bear X Stella artois this season:

Beyond last night’s event, fans can expect to see this partnership come to life in a few ways this summer:

  • Stella Artois Drop Shop – This will be an online hub for all things experiential this summer, promoted through Stella’s socials, and designed as a way for all consumers to have a chance to experience the brand’s innovative events. Giveaway items include custom chalices, Stella neons from The Bear, a Hulu membership and The Bear x Stella Apron.
  • Stella Artois x The Bear Custom Content – Before streaming The Bear episodes available exclusively on Hulu, fans will view custom content by Stella Artois featuring Sweeps (Corey Hendrix) and Sugar (Abby Elliot), with the actors discussing their experience filming the show.
  • Lights! Camera! Stella Artois! – Throughout season 3 of The Bear, Stella Artois will also be featured on the show in key moments. Keep an eye out for the brand’s signature logo!