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Jun 3, 2013


The 10th Annual Inspiration Awards were held at the Beverly Hilton on May 31st benefiting the Step Up Women’s Network. The event was filled with dynamic energy and fabulous celebrities. So many stars came out to support the cause!

Press Pass LA had the privilege of meeting one of fashion’s biggest icons, Trina Turk, who was also an honoree that evening. Other honorees incuded Emmy Award-winning actress Julie Bowan and Principal (Color Force) Nina Jacobson. Celebrity attendees included Elizabeth Rohm, Sofia Milos, Amy Smart, Sharna Burgess, Ashley Jones, Tracy McMillian, Sallli Richardson,Tara Swennen and more.

Each honoree made an enthusiastic entrance onto the stage to talk about their cause.  Step Up is impacting the Los Angeles community in so many ways. I got the chance to speak briefly with Trina Turk about what inspires her. Trina said, “just being in Los Angeles and keeping my eyes open to the world and paying attention to the culture.” I agree wholeheartedly with Trina. Los Angeles embodies a unique vibe and subculture that influences how we all create. I look up to Trina as a powerful woman and entrepreneur that is helping Step Up in an enormous way.

Step Up Women’s Network is a nonprofit organization that empowers young women to pursue their dreams. Step Up creates and implements weekend and after school programs to empower many teen girls from underprivileged and under resourced homes. These programs help young girls build their self-confidence, become college bound, and become career ready. Also, the program provides mentorship and financial support.

The event was sponsored by Dogeared, Lifetime, and Neutrogena. Step Up also partnered with Instyle, Angeleno, and Variety magazines to make the awards a reality.

It was incredibly inspiring to have lunch with so many amazing and empowering women. The story that touched me the most was told by a young girl named Angie. Angie was a Step Up graduate that came from a broken home. She gave a speech about how she grew up in Compton and came from a ‘gangster’ neighborhood. It was equally touching and sad to listen to what she went through each day. It was a real triumph that she was able to graduate high school with the help from Step Up. Now, she has been accepted to college and is able to live a normal life.

Step Up forces the Los Angeles community to acknowledge underprivileged women that come from gang-infested areas of our community. Many of these young women suffer from an intense amount of emotional stress and would otherwise be unable to live a healthy life. Many of us attending were lucky enough to grow up in safe places with good homes. Personally, I never had to wake up in fear of having a gun pointed to my head like Angie. Her story was a true inspiration to everyone in attending.

The event really illustrated how each of us can cause change and create a positive affect in our own communities. The event made me appreciate what founder Kaye Poposky Kramer is doing for our local teen girls! To join this cause, please donate your time or financial support to