Jun 12, 2023

Strike Chatter How to Stay Informed

Popular podcast host Audrey Moore has released an important episode for union members who are curious or anxious about the ongoing SAGAFTRA negotiations currently underway with a media blackout.

It is important to trust the team that is fighting for union member’s rights, which is why this episode of Audrey Helps Actors is so incredibly helpful and illuminating on the topic. The episode is succient and to the point. You don’t have to worry about wading through loads of intelligible legal jargon, or terms that leave your head spinning. Audrey is a consummate host who helps make the bigger issues facing unions and the negotiations understandable and digestible for all. Pop on the podcast today and meet Duncan Crabtree-Ireland and Ray Rodriguez who are SAGAFTRA’s lead negotiator and lawyer as they lay the groundwork for understanding, and pull back the veil on any misconceptions about the negotiations that may be lingering for you.