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Apr 9, 2021

Sugar Rush Lands in LA

Sugar Rush is a delightful burst of colorful photo-ops here in Los Angeles for your enjoyment from April 2nd to May 2nd.

Image Courtesy: Shae Savin PR

Open air, photo ops and sweets, Sugar Rush tickles the fancy of any inner child. Families, small groups and pet friendly, it appeals to a variety of candy dreamers. A complete Candytropolis with over 40,000 square feet (just under a half mile) of colorful visuals and dancing sugar fairies, Sugar Rush offers a walk-through experience into a land made for your imagination. Each bright corridor leads to a themed, colorful set design built with large floats, interactive inflatable tube men and magical performers with whimsical costumes and a knack for knowing your favorite candy. When traveling through Sugar Rush you can expect to experience six different themed installations. Our favorite was stepping into Art Pop Lane for a run around giant lollipops and a chance to sit next to a life size neon kangaroo. Our tread through Majestic Grove lead us into a tunnel filled with mirrors. At night, the park takes on a new look as the installations light your way through each art display. Our journey took us to Gumdrop Park where a complimentary bag of candy awaited us. You have several choices ahead of you for what to do next. There is the choice of enjoying your candy on the brightly inviting yellow picnic tables, or challening your friends/family to giant checkers. If you’re bringing your kids you can also opt to have a go at their swings, or embrace your inner child and have a-go on the swings anyways.

Sugar Rush is brought to you from the same innovators of the popular drive-thru Hauntoween LA and WonderLAnd. This on-foot variant of their drive-thru experience is a nice pivot into outdoor activity. The company creating these enticing visuals is Experiential Supply Co, who are no strangers to creating imaginative oversized sets. Working close with Warner Bros, Disney, and Universal, the company has successfully envisioned fan experiences in exciting new ways. The pandemic only challenged the company to open new avenues to wow audiences. For more information be sure to click here.

WHERE: 6100 Topanga Canyon Blvd., Woodland Hills, CA 91367
TICKET PRICE: Family of 6: $108. Family of 5: $100; Family of 4: $94; Family of 3: $75; Family of 2: $55; Single Ticket: $30
*Advance purchase is required


Tatiana Mariesa