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Mar 22, 2018

Destination Foodie: Jeremy Fall X Sumo Dog

Celebrity Restaurateur, Jeremy Fall, is no stranger to collaborations. Which is why PPLA is thrilled to share Sumo Dog with you!

His LA-based eateries, Tinfoil: Liquor & Grocery and Nighthawk: Breakfast Bar, have all partnered with popular brands and chefs such as Mr. Holmes Bakehouse and Food Network’s ‘The Grill Dads.’ Now, he’s back at it again with a limited-time collaboration with popular the K-Town dive, Sumo Dog.

The hot dog includes a bacon-wrapped pork sausage, peanut butter mole (yes, peanut butter), sambal-sesame salsa, pickled papaya, wasabi furikake and cilantro on a potato roll. Not going to lie here, this doesn’t sound like the most appetizing hot dog in the world. I mean, who puts peanut butter on a hot dog?! I guess you could play the “All-American” card, but the other ingredients definitely contradict that.

Hesitancy aside, I pulled up at exactly 6pm when the meters are free (any Angeleno knows the minute when free parking starts) and entered the establishment. Despite its popularity, I’ve actually never been to Sumo Dog so I had no idea what to expect. The restaurant was small, but had a relaxed and chill vibe to it. The staff was friendly and quick to greet me. I placed my order for the “J-Fall Dog”, the staff immediately got to work on it. I took my seat at a corner table and waited patiently for about 8 minutes until it was served to me. The hot dog itself is beautiful! The colors of the sambal-sesame salsa blended perfectly with the bright green cilantro and peanut butter mole drizzle. I picked up the dog, closed my eyes and took a big bite to make sure I got every ingredient. Wow! I have no idea why I had any doubts about this hot dog. It was delicious! I mean, how could anything from Jeremy not be delicious?!

The peanut butter mole paired perfectly with the salsa and pickled papaya by balancing out the acidity and potentially overwhelming flavors of the other ingredients. The papaya itself was delicious enough to eat on its own. It tasted almost like a tangy and refreshing seaweed salad you would find at a nice sushi restaurant. Now you could definitely taste the peanut butter mole (duh!) but who would have thought that peanut butter would be great on a hot dog?! I’m pretty sure I devoured the entire thing in five bites, making sure to get every ingredient in my mouth with each bite.

When I finished I was full, satisfied, and had to battle the voice in my head telling me to order another one. The “J-Fall Dog” is definitely unique and delicious, but after all, Jeremy is known worldwide for his unique take on classics. All in all, I highly recommend trying this hot dog. Don’t be like me and go in skeptic about the ingredients. They all pair so perfectly together you’ll be thinking of adding peanut butter mole on everything now!


Chris Van Nest