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May 6, 2018

Sunday Brunch Club: Cafe Mauro

So here I come to you with the perfect weekend or weekday getaway. Cafe Mauro at Fred Segal provides Angelenos with the best brunch or dinner on Thursday nights to escape the pace of Los Angeles.

Nestled in the back of Fred Segal on Melrose, Cafe Mauro offers it’s patrons an intimate and Parisian setting to sit back and leave your worries at home. Thursday night dinner provides live music, and the owner is incredibly attentive. She makes a point of meeting each of her customers and is the best at recommending a wine to pair with your entree. My dinner date Sarah was raving for Cafe Mauro’s sparkling Rose while I loved their French red wine collection. I was lucky enough to taste a variety of them, and each one was better than the last, I can’t decide so I will leave that up to you. We started with a salad appetizer topped with fried prosciutto….ummm you will die. It is AMAZING. Im sorry I don’t think I was clear enough AMAZING! Ahem back to business both Sarah and I tried their dinner specials a steak for her and a Lobster Spaghetti for myself. The lobster was cooked to perfection and the french pinot gris it was paired with really highlighted all the flavors.

Food aside Cafe Mauro is a must see destination in Los Angeles. While it’s famous for it’s brunch, it’s the cafe’s atmosphere which has customers raving. It’s laid back approach to dining leaves you feeling a sense of bliss without the high table turn over you experience at most restaurants in town. Noone will come over and rush your bill at you, or will rush your decisions on dining. This is not the place to come when you’re in a hurry it’s meant to be enjoyed at your leisure. Kickback order a bottle of wine and catch up with your best friend or your lover. Enjoy one another’s company and have a real evening out on your time, not someone else’s.