Concerts, Music
Jun 6, 2013


What better way to showcase up and coming talent then by bringing industry leaders directly to the source? Michele Clark has done it again with the 3rd Annual Sunset Sessions Rock and 20th Anniversary of Sunset Sessions. The event is a three day long collaboration of conventions and live performances in the Rock/Alternative genre.

The Sunset Sessions main purpose is to bring together different sects of the industry that don’t otherwise intersect. Therefor, in addition to the performers, attendees included Press, Booking Agents, Radio Programmers, Record Labels, and many others! The hope of the event is to showcase the freshest talent in the business while also treating attendees to performances by legendary performers. It’s no wonder that founder Michele Clark has been instrumental in launching the careers of artists like Jason Mraz, Matchbox Twenty, Jack Johnson, Maroon 5, The Black Keys and countless others.

Thursday evening saw the likes of Faulkner, who recently emerged on the Indie scene just a year ago, but has already received great praise. Semi Precious Weapons performed later in the evening and is one of those groups that you absolutely have to hear live in order to appreciate. I listened to them before the show and thought “eh.” During their glamourous performance I (and the rest of the Belly Up crowd for that matter) could not wipe the smirk off my face or stop dancing. They had an infectious energy that permeated the room.

Other entertainers included The Boxer Rebellion, Ed Hale, The Unlikely Candidates, and many more. Be sure to check for more info on this incredible weekend long event!