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Jun 3, 2020

Support The Local Economy In Your LA Neighborhoods And Support Black Owned Businesses Simultaneously, A List.

With Covid19 already reigning damage on all areas of the economy we must be vigilant in the care of our local shops. This week we have seen an uptick in damage to local shops, which while unfortunate is not as grave as the loss of black lives. The entertainment community runs hand in hand with out local businesses, and the last thing we want is for black small business owners to go out of business during these turbulent times. In order to continue to create art, and have thoughtful places of respite we’ve curated a list of black owned businesses to support.


Say Cheese in Silver Lake is a black owned business and an absolute dream of a cheese shop for all of our cheese lovers. They do not have online ordering, you will have to pop by in person, but their cheese selection is second to none, and they offer delicious sandwiches which make for the perfect lunch break. They are located at 2800 Hyperion Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027. Pro-tip form their website: Say Cheese has created baskets for some of the top celebrities in Hollywood, continuously impressing their intended recipients with beautiful baskets filled with quality items. Whether you’re looking for a simple, yet tasteful $35 basket, or want to go all out for $10,000 or more, we can fill all your gift basket needs.

Images Courtesy of Poppy and Rose LA
Images Courtesy of Poppy and Rose LA

Poppy and Rose LA, we honestly have never been here, but after a quick scan of their instagram images of food, we are salivating to give it a proper review on our Dinner Diaries series. We’ll definitely be ordering from here before the month is out. Just look at these images, we are drooling. You can find Poppy and Rose LA in Downtown LA, located: 765 Wall st. Los Angeles, CA 90014.

Treat yourself:

Brave Chick is a jewelry line created not only by a woman but also a domestic violence survivor as a way to get out of a vicious cycle. A portion of all proceeds from Brave Chick go to domestic abuse charities. Meanwhile, Brave Chick currently employs women leaving domestic abuse situations. We have highlighted this brand for years and wish her enormous success.

Image Credit Bia Blooms Instagram

Bia Blooms, while we’re all stuck at home (or honestly just in general) bring beauty into your life with flowers. This young creative is stunning us with her incredible flower arrangements. We haven’t reached out to her just yet, but we plan to and we hope you do as well. You can see Bia Blooms designs here.

Image Courtesy of Nails By Colovon Website

Self care include your nails. Try Nails By Colovon, they’re a mobile nail salon. Currently their services are on hold due to Covid19, but be sure to bookmark them and circle back later.

Our list of support will continue to evolve as we dedicate a monthly post to minority local businesses in our LA community. Lifestyle impacts the entertainment industry and we began as a small site to uplift the upcoming and the local who weren’t being covered alongside the mainstream. Please if you’d like to nominate a local business or entrepreneur email us.